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  1. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Hello Has anyone here had a Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion? Mine is scheduled for the Wednesday the 25th of November. It will be outpatient surgery and should take 3-6 months to recover according to everything I've read. Only thing is, will be non weight bearing for 3+ weeks. :-( But oh...
  2. kayak59

    Right THR - Superpath Method

    Hello again Getting my right hip done on March 27th using the Superpath method. Based on my quick recovery last time, I'm expecting to be finally fully mobile by summer. Wasn't expecting this quite so fast but I'm nowhere near 100% yet and my doc says I won't be unless I get this done. Two...
  3. kayak59

    Finger/Thumb Thumb Trapezium Replacement 6/16/17

    First my knees, then my hip, now a new thumb joint. Last procedure for many years to come I hope! This may be a mistake but at least having my right hand splinted will prevent me from trying to do too much too soon after my hip replacement! So far, not too bad but I think it will get worse...
  4. kayak59

    Left SuperPath Hip Replacement

    Day 24. Finally off the walker and on the cane, but the walker is definitely easier on my back. Getting a lot of pain on the right hip and lower back if I use it too much. Bursitis is getting better -- doing the exercises the doctor gave me religiously and it helps. I am also going to the...
  5. kayak59

    THR Kayak59's Left SuperPath Hip Replacement Recovery

    Day 2 and I've been up for a brief walk. Sitting in the chair at 90 degrees is uncomfortable. Pain is manageable with oxycodone and Tylenol every 4 hours. Nurses are amazed at how much I am moving my leg already. Minimal bruising - just "freckles" on my inner thigh. Very tired though. Will...
  6. kayak59

    Left SuperPath Hip Replacement

    Never thought I'd be on THIS side but after going through left and right knee replacements with the help of the Bonesmart community, now I am getting ready for a total left hip replacement. After a year of increasing pain and frustration, I saw a hip specialist who uses the Superpath technique...
  7. kayak59

    TKR Kayak59's Recovery Thread

    Out of surgery and am on morphine pump. Not TOO bad Sent from my iPhone using BoneSmart Forum
  8. kayak59

    11/9 Right Total Knee Replacement

    Hi I am having a total right knee replacement on November 9th, followed by the left TKR five weeks later - hopefully. I am worried about that time period because my left knee is not much better than the right. That gives me a lot of motivation to do all the exercises to strengthen the right...


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