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    THR Burning pain

    Hi thankyou it's not sciatica pain I think it's more to do with circulation as it happens when I lie down .
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    TKR Surgery Done!

    You won't look back after surgery. I have had both hips done this year and the pain I had before has gone and the pain after surgery is minimal. Make sure you rest and keep your pain meds up. If you have any troubles this forum is great for answers. All the best and take care ☺️
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    THR Burning pain

    I'm 2 weeks post LTHR and have had a burning sensation from my thigh and gets worse from my knee to ankle all through my shin on outside. There is yellow and purplish bruising on lower part of my leg. It is more painful when I am sitting with legs up and is terrible when trying to sleep ...
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    THR Burning pain

    A big virtual hug to you all for making feel better about this replacement as I wasn't in a good place the last couple of days xx
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    THR Burning pain

    Thankyou for all your responses I will not worry about the exercises and let it heal . So glad I got onto this site you have all been wonderful and I can rest without feeling guilty ❤️
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    THR Burning pain

    Thankyou for your reply and welcoming me to this site my first replacement was 17/2/20. I think I am scared not to do post exercises as I was told I had to for full recovery. After reading reviews on this site I will take it easy for couple days and let it rest.
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    THR Burning pain

    Hi I had a RTHR in Feb with no complications. I have had a LTHR on 27/10 and it's totally different . I cannot lift my leg or do anything without sharp pain running down my leg even when on strong pain killers. With routine stretching laying on back sliding heel to buttocks and sliding sideways...


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