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    TKR RTHR in June - LTKR in November

    Thank you everyone for responding to my post, your comments have been very helpful. Stay safe!
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    TKR RTHR in June - LTKR in November

    Hi Scuba-Diver, I too am a diver, 66 years old too, but not been able to dive this year but hope to next spring. My orthopedic surgeon is also a diver, he is having TKR in early December, it will be interesting what he says about diving!
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    TKR RTHR in June - LTKR in November

    Thank you Caryl for the assistance and very helpful advice! Have a great day!
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    TKR RTHR in June - LTKR in November

    I'm a 66 year old male, fit and in good physical condition. Had RTHR June 9th, the first 2 to 3 weeks of recovery were very rough, but healing improved after that. My LTKR is scheduled for November 10th, osteoarthritis and medial bone-to-bone. Anyone had the hip and knee replacements that close...
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    2020 November Nimbles - Are you having knee surgery in November?

    Having my left TKR on 11-10-2020
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    THR L3-L4 fusion and regional anesthesia

    Thanks Celle, I appreciate you taking the time to research and share your findings.
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    THR L3-L4 fusion and regional anesthesia

    Having RTHR in early June, I’m told regional anesthesia via epidural injection will be used. Several years ago, had a lumbar 3 - 4 fusion, has anyone had the regional anesthesia with this hardware installed? I plan on discussion with my OS, just curious.
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    2020 June Sunbeams - Are you having hip surgery in June?

    My RTHR is scheduled for June 9th, I'm ready!


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