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    Knee Infection* Revision - spacer exchange

    I would not meet as you are so near to getting a vaccine and are in the at risk age group!
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    Bilateral TKR Bilateral knees

    @Jane66 Hope you are sleeping better now Jane I only started sleeping better about two weeks ago- so week 9 after bilateral TKR- but feel relieved that sleep now seems easier Still have discomfort when first in bed but just need hot shower and two panadol so that's oK Felt quite upset some...
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    Bilateral TKR Bilateral knees

    @Jane66 Hi Jane, I had both knees replaced on 17th August I still get some discomfort in the evenings but find a hot shower helps and always do this before bed as well as in the mornings, I was sleeping very badly so my GP suggested i re-start Codeine phosphate I took that for about three...
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    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral TKR August 2020

    Thank you @NightQuilter Can you let me know which exercises you did for the IT band as that is how one leg was before surgery and it would be good to do that stretch. I drove a short distance today with no problem so feeling a bit more positive!
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    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral TKR August 2020

    thankyou @NightQuilter What are IT bands please- is this a term for calf muscles? I have been working on hamstrings and it is definitely helping It's encouraging to know balance improves I hope you are keeping well
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    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral TKR August 2020

    Well done on the stairs @Mrs. Ciz It's interesting to hear re hamstring muscles and mirrors my experience of one knee being had back by muscles I'm also stretching them every dy and feel a little improvement from day to day I will be relieved when the giving way sensation goes- it's much less...
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    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral TKR August 2020

    Yes I read your posts and so many points seemed to cover what I am experiencing. My main issue is one knee feeling unstable so I am not walking well without sticks but I do think it’s to do with muscles before the op. How are you now snd what issues to you have? Mana
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    Bilateral TKR Oregon Mom's recovery journey

    Hi It's very interesting and helpful to read all your posts. I joined the forum yesterday- had Bilateral TKR August 17th and have lots of problems with Right leg and none with left. I'd had menesectomy surgery on right leg some years ago and muscles seemed to have shortened and leg turned out a...
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    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral TKR August 2020

    Hi, I had both knees replaced on 17th August Thank you for all information
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    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral TKR August 2020

    Hi All, My first post. Had a set back at week three when starting new exercise and R leg paralysed for few hours1 Lots of swelling afterwards for 2-3 weeks but since then I have been building up muscles in that leg- which had started to turn out a little after menesctomies some years ago. It's...


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