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  1. siobhan

    THR siobhan is in recovery

    Surgery went well, experienced very intense pain after first movements but getting my meds now so much better. Thanks to all for support and best wishes also to all the rest of u.
  2. siobhan

    THR Confused

    Sorry to be a pest but I'm very confused about negotiating where and how to interact with others having surgery in oct. All I see is names of people added I'm on a mobile phone so maby that's the problem.
  3. siobhan

    THR Post op aids

    Hi all just wondering if any of u have advice re post op aids. What's worth getting ie I know raised toilet seat good but what else. Thanks in advance.
  4. siobhan

    THR LTHR Oct 22nd.

    Hi all thanks for all the support. I've finally got my surgery date post covid 19 restrictions. Hope u all are safe and well. Does anyone play pickleball I'm anxious to continue post surgery and would love to hear of other experiences. X
  5. siobhan

    TKR expectations pre and post op.

    hi all, Im looking for any help and information on how to make my decision in relation to bilateral TKR surgery incidentally also require L THR. Currently im about to be injected with cortisone in order to manage pain and hopefully get back to some normality. i can function pretty ok with pain...
  6. siobhan

    ACL Repair arthroscopy recovery

    hi had my surgery on 9th jan. recovering well but alot of muscle pain in calf and thigh, have to have other knee done then total hip replacment. guess this not uncommon among my collegues here as arthritis affects common joints.


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