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    TKR Update-Gratitude

    Hello friends. This is my left TKR. Right was done 1 1/2 yrs ago. The hospital has been great helping with the pain management. I will be reviewing the post op forum articles. If I can find them. I intend to stay positive and not push past the pain. The therapist I have is pretty good about...
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    TKR Oct 21 - Second knee TKR

    Time to get my second knee replaced. Mentally I’m ready. I know what to expect now so the unknown fear isn’t as bad this time. But I also remember the pain levels. I intend to ask for stronger pain meds this time.
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    TKR Newbie 10 months post TKR issues

    Hi everyone. I have had Bonesmart page on my home screen since before my TKR last April. Good common sense approach which has helped me tremendously to be patient and let my body heal. Now, after many months of comfortable living I decided a week ago to lift some 40 pound bags of dirt for my...


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