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  1. J

    Announcement - new Admin on staff

    Re: Announcement Congrats Jamie. Getting employ these days is a wonderful thing and finding it here even more special. You have a heart for people and the experience to edify those going through it. God bless.
  2. J

    Noisy knee joints10 months post op........

    I remember being told it had to do with your quad strength. Quad being part of what kept everything tight and lined up. I just had my one year in March and was thrilled to hear "perfect" . My OS will have me come in again next year and then after that go to every 2 years.
  3. J

    [TKR] My post-op blog!

    Jo, just dropping in to see how you are fairing. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully and so relieved of the dreaded knee pain. Bless you.
  4. J

    New Recovery Milestone

    feel better karen. I am now 1 year and 1 week (March 18 Btkr) AND STILL FEEL (darn cap lock) stuff like that. And in the cold I am aware of them even more. Not pain, just knowledge. My 1 year with my OS is tomorrow. OOOOooooo!
  5. J

    Josephine Status Report

    Hi Jo welcome back. Bet it feels way different when it is in your leg as opposed to your hand. The prostetic that is. Glad to hear you are home and resting safe. Yes, Skeet, the 1st shower, forgot about that fiasco/pleasure. Alot of work, but so worth it. Nana55, don't worry, even if you did...
  6. J

    Josephine Status Report

    Go Jo, go! Stairs are next! Nice to meet you Janis.
  7. J

    Prayers and Best Wishes to Josephine

    Josephine God speed tomorrow. Many prayers go with you, much experience before you, (lol). jen
  8. J

    Question Jo

    Aren't you supposed to get up and walk a little every hour even at 5-6 days? Not saying if this applies to Call/Angel but I remember that is was i was told to do between recliner rests and leg exercises.
  9. J

    This is THE day ....

    And drugs! Keeping you in prayer as the time approaches.
  10. J

    This is THE day ....

    Speaking from personal experience, March 18 is an absolutely wonderful day to have knee surgery. Just in time for Spring walks. I think EdK would agree. It is a privilige and honor to have the same TKR birthday with you. I've been watching the calendar and getting nervous, though I don't know...
  11. J

    This is THE day ....

    You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
  12. J

    You will all think I'm crazy, but.....

    Many insurances will require you to exhaust all treatment options ie: synvisc, before the will authorize and pay for surgery. My DR said we would keep doing it as long as it worked. My knees were so far gone it never did.
  13. J

    Scheduled for Surgery

    Ed, your humor is sooooooooooo dry! But true.
  14. J

    Caregiver asking for suggestions

    Hi Joyce and hubby. Glad you found good info here. QVC sells those peddlers. They have a web site if you didn't know. I had my knees done last March. I think the biggest help a caregiver can do is patience. I am blessed by an incredibly supportive husband and he listened to every little grunt...
  15. J

    One year ago today!!

    What would stop people (new) from posting on the 1year thread and have it end up just being more of what we already have?
  16. J

    Ready to commit

    What your OS recommends. Can you do both ath the same time? That's what I did. One surgery is easier than 2. One recovery is easier also. It's not really any harder (I think).
  17. J

    What would you do different?

    What would you have done different?
  18. J

    well 1st tkr done!!

    Good going Lindy, you're on the way to movin' & groovin. Be sure to rest plenty and keep that knee bending.
  19. J


    How difficult varies. As far as the cane, PT will help you learn how to walk correctly without it and/or it becomes a nuisance more than a help and one day you just inadvertantly forget it or ditch it.
  20. J

    What would you do different?

    I would have got it done sooner.

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