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  1. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    Pt went well, there is a definite 1.5 cm difference in leg length. He advised using half inch lift in shoe. Pelvis is a little bit rolled forward on left side. Gave me some new exercises to do. Never mentioned heel to toe, when walking just not to think about it and just walk, continue continue...
  2. Sparkly

    [THR] Subluxation<<

    @roo28 , hi too I did permanent makeup here in ca, and I would require a letter of release from your surgeon if it was me. So definitely contact him. Depending on what state you are in the requirements are different.
  3. Sparkly

    [HIP ARTHROSCOPY] What's normal?<

    @bethreads, so happy you got an earlier appointment please keep us posted. Hope things improve for you soon.
  4. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    Hi all, have been meaning to check in. All is good or as good as it can be lol I started driving last Thursday, let me tell you FREEDOM rules. Also my incision is all healed and was able to drive to the gym and use the req pool for walking and little feet kicking up and down the pool and some...
  5. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    @Mojo333 thank you I’ll take it out and wait and see what surgeon says at my 6 week appointment. My last home physical therapy is wednesday this week and my pt guy said last week he will be referring me to continue pt where they will concentrate on my gait, so that’s good. So weird cause even...
  6. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    @Layla, thank you. I did message my surgeon about the leg being longer, he said it will settle and that sometimes a lift is needed. So I got one to help balance me out because I seem way off even my pt guy said it. The surgeon didn’t say to use the lift now I just got it. Do you think it’s bad...
  7. Sparkly

    [THR] Needingenergy

    Oh my, I’m 3 weeks post surgery and I can’t imagine going back to work. I do so little at it is compared to my normal activity. I’m pooped just walking for a short time. If you can I would really push for more time off or less hours as others have said. Good luck to you, hope it all works out.
  8. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    Hi all, hope your all doing well in your recovery. 3 weeks post op tomorrow. Quick update on my progress. Any of you have heavy achy feeling in their legs? It’s driving me nuts along with restless leg syndrome at night. Maybe I’m not moving enough? It’s been so hot here I’m staying in the ac...
  9. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    @Layla, I sit on a kitchen chair when I am up for a few minutes throughout the day. But otherwise resting, icing and putting leg up all on the bed PT guy said it was a good position propped up with pillows . I don’t have a recliner. Haven’t attempted my couch yet as I had trouble getting off of...
  10. Sparkly

    [THR] Hiptopia!

    Delighted to read your story and hear how well you are doing.
  11. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    Hi all, hope your all doing well today? Are any of you very uncomfortable sitting. Like even sitting on the edge of the bed? I have to stand immediately because it’s so uncomfortable. Any suggestions? Is it that the muscle is tight from lying propped up on bed? I want to have some friends come...
  12. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    pt just left, removed my dressing put clean one on said wound looked great. Gave me new exercises to add. Said definitely leg is longer, but it can still settle with more weight bearing and suggested insole in shoes on opposite side. Not ready to switch to cane yet probably next week. Just...
  13. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    “A word of caution about using Tylenol: Do check any other medications you are taking (such as cold cures), to make sure there is no Tylenol (Acetaminophen) in them. If there is, reduce one of your regular Tylenol doses, so you stay within the safe daily limit of 4,000 mg in 24 hours.“ Yes, they...
  14. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    Good morning all, I am feeling much better all around today, ok I know it’s only 8 am only woke once last night and fell straight back to sleep and didn’t wake till 5.30 then had to get up for the loo. My doc switched me from oxy to norco yesterday and I swear I have been much better. Pain wise...
  15. Sparkly

    [THR] On My Feet Again

    Best of luck to you, ice, ice baby.
  16. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    Hi all, well no pt today there was a mix up scheduled for tomorrow instead. Meanwhile I’ve been crying all day again and snapping at my poor husband. It finally dawned on me maybe it’s the oxycodone. I put a call in to my doctors office and left a message. See what they say. Anyone on here know...
  17. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    Thanks guys, I am on the pain meds round the clock, it had been five hours since the previous dosage as I had slept for two hours then fell back asleep for 3 so had been 5 hours between. I’m definitely sticking with the walker for stability. After yesterday know I am not ready for cane yet...
  18. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    One week today. 4.30 am woke at 3.30 went to the loo. Lying here in agony. Have taken meds waiting for them to kick in. Pain in the front of my groin going down my thigh and in my butt by incision. I really am disillusioned about my recovery. Very emotional and cranky sometimes. I have pt coming...
  19. Sparkly

    [THR] Surgery done July 29

    Oh yeah ice helps. My daughter was going to visit today with her bf but told me she thinks she has ringworm. Had her send pic and yes she does, I told her no visit now boohoo. Was looking forward to her coming. Ah well better than catching ringworm.

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