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  1. InkedMarie

    Ambivalence: in Denial or is it Not Time Yet?

    My surgeons would disagree with your sports Medicine doc. They believe that you do not need to be in a great amount of pain for TKR. If you cannot do what is *you*, thats a reason. It’s a lack of quality of life. I do agree with the expectations/your friends part. You won’t know how your TKR...
  2. InkedMarie

    [TKR] Never satisfied PT office

    I cannot like your post enough! I tell people This all the time. My surgeon and PT didn’t care about numbers so why should I? I could dress myself, put on socks, shoes & tie them and ride my recumbent bike. Good for me. Now, if I had a job requiring me to squat, that would be a different story...
  3. InkedMarie

    Working from home after TKR?

    I also agree with everyone else. You must get up every hour and walk....you don’t want a blood clot. You may be in pain from sitting & May need to get up and walk. TKR is major surgery. You won’t know how your journey will go until you’re in it. Your brain may be foggy for a few weeks making...
  4. InkedMarie

    Hospital stay

    I wore loose workout capris and loose T-shirt to the hospital, wore them home and brought an extra set, just in case. I don’t like hospital gowns, like to feel “normal”. footwear: wore my Ugg slippers (soled) there, inside then home!
  5. InkedMarie

    [TKR] Harder than I thought, the can do gal

    I “liked” your post because you are toning down PT but no....you don’t need meds for PT. It shouldn’t cause pain.
  6. InkedMarie

    Surgeon first appt this Week... pain management

    Good luck! I brought my tablet for all three of my surgeries
  7. InkedMarie

    [TKR] Hello everyone

    If your PT doesn’t stop, find a new therapy clinic and/or therapist.
  8. InkedMarie

    Consult with surgeon on Nov 18

    Pain management! Ask what he is prescribing for you at home. Ask how many and at what interval. Ask how many pills he is prescribing. Then, figure out how long they will last. Figure worst case scenario. If he’s prescribing 1-2 every 4-6 hours, do two every four. How soon will you run out? Ask...
  9. InkedMarie

    Now it's the Hip

    I third the Lounge Doctor!
  10. InkedMarie

    Almost there

    I hope all went well.....check in when you can!
  11. InkedMarie

    Third Time Around

    I can’t answer your questions but have you put yourself on the canceling at the surgeons?
  12. InkedMarie

    [TKR] Never satisfied PT office

    Welcome! I did PT but it was gentle therapy, with a physical therapist who I spoke to on the phone and found out he agreed with what I wanted. You can stop PT if you want or find a different office/therapist to work with. If you continue where you are, just say no!
  13. InkedMarie

    Nervous newbie

    Welcome! Lots of us here to answer questions.
  14. InkedMarie

    Question about teeth work

    If you look at Jamie’s signature, you will see the surgeries she’s had.
  15. InkedMarie

    [TKR] Macknit's recovery thread

    I loved my Lounge Doctor! It’s packed away for knee #2!
  16. InkedMarie

    [REVISION THR] Same pain, second surgery

    I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. Thinking of you!
  17. InkedMarie

    [TKR] Aug 20 hard work.

    The Lounge Doctor! If you go to their website, you can find which size is best for you. I highly recommend it. I used it for my first TKR and it’s packed away for #2!
  18. InkedMarie

    [TKR] Bad day

    So sorry you’ve had so much going on
  19. InkedMarie

    [PARTIAL KR] Nearly 7 weeks, I have been assessed as needing MUA

    For the first 2-3 weeks, iced almost constantly. After that, for the first couple months, it was every few hours I’d ice for at least an hour.

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