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  1. Lucky man

    THR Layla's Recovery

    I agree with @Mojo333. I felt your compassion and caring immediately upon joining the site. Happy Mother’s Day.
  2. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and grandmothers out there! I hope your families treat you to a special day and let you know how loved and appreciated you are.
  3. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    We’ve finally had a few beautiful sunny days here, and that has me thinking of hitting the open road on my motorcycle. Does anyone know of someone riding a pretty big bike after hip replacement? I just passed 8 weeks. Sometimes it feels so good, I think I can ride now, other times it seems a...
  4. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    Yes, I had a transfusion also. Hip surgery was extra long, as they had to remove everything from the first surgery. I was able to sleep on my op side at about 6 weeks, if I got into just the right position. Still struggling with sleep a bit. I have a few good nights, then a few sleepless ones.
  5. Lucky man

    Revision THR In the waiting<

    I think you should ask hubby if you can hammer a couple of 3” nails in his thigh every 6 hours when he feels jealous of you being home. Even a good whack on the hip with the hammer would help him understand... I’ve been very lucky, my partner and kids have been fantastic. After I broke the...
  6. Lucky man

    Welcome to the March Musketeers' 2018 Hip Recovery Club

    Can you add me to the list. March 15
  7. Lucky man

    Side sleeping and taking fish oils - questions :-)

    My surgeon let me sleep on my non-op side immediately as long as I had a pillow between my knees. He also would let me sleep on the operated side as soon as I wanted, but it was too painful until about 5 weeks to do that.
  8. Lucky man

    TKR 6 weeks in and still not sleeping<

    I’m at 7.5 weeks, and still struggling with sleep. I went through a period (several weeks) where I only got 2-3 hrs per night. The last couple of weeks, I’ll have one or two good days, followed by a couple of difficult ones. One other thing to try is magnesium. It’s a common deficiency...
  9. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    It’s been almost a month since my last update. Life got busy. Can my thread be renamed to “7 week update”. I’ve been driving for about 2 weeks, back to work part time last week. I had a follow up with my surgeon last week, and he was amazed at my progress. The X-ray showed that I’m...
  10. Lucky man

    THR Joint Replacement #3 -- Getting Discouraged<

    I struggled with constipation also. I had the best success with magnesium citrate. In addition to helping the constipation, the magnesium can help reduce muscle spasms, and helps some people sleep better.
  11. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    Thank you all for your support, it really does help. I am feeling better today. It’s amazing how one’s mood can flip flop from one day to the next. My in home physiotherapist came today. I’ve not really been doing any exercise program other than walking, but her evaluation was very positive...
  12. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    @Layla Thank you for your kind words of support. You’re always there when one of us is struggling. Your kindness and compassion are ever present, and very much appreciated. I can shower. I have a chair, it’s just a much bigger ordeal than it used to be, takes 2-3 times longer to get ready...
  13. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    Having one of those days. Sick of not being able to do what I want, sick of everything being a chore. My son is out for the evening, so I was on my own for supper. Knocked a bowl off the counter, mess all over the kitchen floor ... Longing for the days when I can go for a drive, have a...
  14. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    Had a busy day yesterday. Finally got some time out of the house. Went shopping with my partner, hit 3 different stores, plus a restaurant for lunch. Used my walker throughout, and felt pretty good. Started getting sore near the end (after about 4 hours). Did have some success in finding a...
  15. Lucky man

    THR Recovery from Anterior THR with robotic assist

    @TinyMom You said a few days back that you were cleared to drive. What did you need to be able to do to get that clearance? You and I had surgery the same day, both on right hip. Right after surgery, my OS said 6 weeks before I could drive. Since everyone recovers at a different rate, I...
  16. Lucky man

    THR Joint Replacement #3 -- Getting Discouraged<

    @Figment826 Sorry to hear about your struggles, especially given your intolerance to pain medication. Keep focused on that point in the future when you’re healed, and walking around without pain!
  17. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    @bottomshollow Please add me to the March Musketeers. Right total hip replacement on March 15.
  18. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    The last few days, when I’ve been icing the outside of my hip, I have developed pain in my hamstring after a few minutes of ice. Is there anything I can do to relieve this? Should I ice the hamstring? Can I do some light hamstring stretches?
  19. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    @TinyMom Yes, stopping the Rivaroxabam made a huge difference. I switched to aspirin after finding a very recent study that it’s just as effective. I posted a link to that study in an earlier message. @Mojo333 Unfortunately the good sleep was short lived. Last couple of nights have been...
  20. Lucky man

    THR Tom’s surprise<

    Had a nice weekend. Family came to my place for Easter as I wasn’t up for traveling. Had a great visit with my sister, her husband, my dad, and my kids. My wonderful partner made an amazing meal. That all happened Saturday, so I was pretty wiped and sore yesterday. Feeling good today. Had...

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