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  1. amberpep

    Revision TKR 1½ Years Out

    Hi everyone .... I'm back again ..... I hope you all, that are able, contribute to the site. Jamie and Josephine have worked like crazy to help us all and now we can support them. I had my revision 1½ years ago, and after a lot of hard work (P.T.) my knee is great. But, the biggest problem...
  2. amberpep

    Changing city and state

    Since I was last here, I have moved from Frederick, MD to Harrisonburg, VA. How do I change this on my profile? Barb (abby)
  3. amberpep

    Why can't I often find my thread?

    I have not been here for quite awhile, mainly because I can't find my original thread, and trouble with passwords, etc. I just seem to be on the low end of the Bell Curve or something. Just can't seem to get it right. I'm moving in a month, down to where my girls live .... 45 min. away from...
  4. amberpep

    Revision TKR Still having difficulty .... from Amberpep

    I'm kind of at the end of my rope and have resigned myself to having chronic pain in my right knee from the TKR. I didn't quite know where to put this post, because I don't know where to find my many earlier ones to add it, so I hope this is OK. My knee healed very well, (surgery was May...
  5. amberpep

    TKR I thought I was done .....

    ((I decided to start a new thread since it had been so long since I've been here and mine had gotten so long. Hope that's OK.)) ______________ Hi everyone ..... Well, I thought I was done with my knee, that it was healed and I was home free .... guess not. I had my knee TKR done in May of...
  6. amberpep

    Revision surgery

    Could someone please tell me just what "revision surgery" is? Many thanks, abby
  7. amberpep

    How to change order of posts

    I have a lot of pages since I've been here since 2011. They are listed from the oldest to the newest. The newest is on the very last page - somewhere page 20. How can I reverse this so that the newest posts are on the top and the originals are way back on page 20? Thanks, abby
  8. amberpep

    TKR Now, back to the knee(s)

    I thought maybe I should start a new thread since it's been awhile since I've written to you all. It's been 2 years this month (May 24) since I had my RTKR, and I am glad I did it. But, that knee still hurts. If I sit for awhile, it hurts to walk, after I get out of bed in the AM, it hurts...
  9. amberpep

    Medicare and Psychiatrists

    I got an e-mail about this, but I can't seem to find it here in the forums. Yes, my Psychiatrist whom I've seen for 15 years, just totally "dumped" all Medicare patients .... no prior warning, no "we might" .... he just did it. I got the letter Feb. 7 and it was dated Feb. 1. After all...
  10. amberpep

    TKR ~ I'm back again ~

    Hi everyone. Well, I haven't been writing, but I've been checking on you all now and then. This month (May) it is 2 years since I had my RTKR. (I THINK it's 2 years .... time goes so fast) Both of my knees hurt when I stand up from a sitting position. The right one, which had the TKR, I think...
  11. amberpep

    "Badges of honor"

    I just was scanning over the section on our "badges of honor" .... i.e. our scars. Why are some of the scars so short and others long like mine? abby 5/24/11 RTKR
  12. amberpep

    Dreading Winter

    I have discovered that damp, rainy, weather, along with a change in barometric pressure, really makes my knee angry. Also, it's starting to get cold around here and that also does a number on it. Monday, admittedly, I overdid it, and I also did yesterday, and I am really paying for it today...
  13. amberpep

    Question about a new supplement

    Good morning everyone. I have been taking Glucosamine/Chondroiton since my surgery, and prior also, to help all of my joints. Well, here of late, I have not noticed it did too much (not for my TKR knee, but the other knee). Someone (not here) suggested something called "Neo-Cell Collagen +...
  14. amberpep


    Ever since my surgery, I have been faithfully taking this supplement for other more minor joint aches which I imagine is arthritic in nature. It's not bad pain, just annoying and worse in the AM. I have not found it does anything. Is there a Brand of this, or something else you all can...
  15. amberpep

    A question

    I have what is probably a dumb and meaningless question. Is the healing from a hip replacement faster than for a knee replacement? I would have thought it would take longer, but due to several things I've read and heard, I'm wondering. Insight? Thanks much. abby 5/24/11 - RTKR
  16. amberpep

    Question about an alternative surgery

    Prior to my RTKR, my X called me and told me about a friend of his who had both knees done at the same time. He apparently had "some new way" done and in 3 weeks he drove his family to Florida. What????? Does anyone have any idea what this man may have had done? I've never heard of this...
  17. amberpep

    Anyone hear of Biofreeze?

    Hi all .... I stopped by my P.T.'s office yesterday to sign up for their Gym (they also have a small gym behind the P.T. area) and I've noticed for awhile a small display of tubes of something called Biofreeze. In light of the pain I felt 2 days before Irene hit us and the day she hit us...
  18. amberpep

    Irene - OUCH!

    Hi everyone. What an awful storm ..... so many people affected by this hurricane. Two days before it hit us (I live in MD) my knee started to hurt. By the next day and the day it was here .... I lived on Bufferin and Advil, ice, and rest. It hurts and ached like crazy. Going down the...
  19. amberpep

    I can't believe what I just saw on the news

    On one of my local channels, I just saw that there is a brand new knee replacement surgery in which you go home in 1 day. It is somehow done with the doctor and a robot and does not require the long rehabilitation time that regular TKR does. If they said how long the incision was, I missed...
  20. amberpep

    TKR Amberpep's Recovery Thread

    Hi everyone. I'm delighted to have found this forum! I had a total knee replacement on May 24 and have had lots of questions along the way. I've been in P.T. and right now my therapist is on vacation. I could have used another therapist, but I like mine so much, I preferred to wait...

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