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  1. Atlas_aus

    TKR Complete honesty...petrified and feeling alone

    @tlfiore , Very sorry to hear of your distress and other issues. Well you have ended up at the right place, plenty of loving, caring and knowledgeable people here to get you through. :) I was fortunate to have my Wife take care of me throughout this journey. Not sure if you have home nursing...
  2. Atlas_aus

    My husband’s knee replacement

    I hear you. We know how badly Men are with man flu ! :heehee: He will be fine, keep up the rest and pain meds and let nature do it's work.
  3. Atlas_aus

    TKR TKR 07-23 sharp knee pain

    @Honey007 I am sorry but this is too funny :rotfl: Glad you got it sorted. :) Best wishes for the rest of your journey.
  4. Atlas_aus

    TKR Sciatica Pain

    @karen5177 I have suffered from Sciatica possibly longer than I have with my knees, though only just !! I am about 14 weeks post BTKR and have progressed well. I have followed the mantra of this site pretty much and achieved good results. The time I did go to PT who was not aggressive at all...
  5. Atlas_aus

    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    3 Month update - Well another month has passed without any issues. I am back motorbike riding which I love but had basically given up 5yrs ago because of the pain when riding. That has all but gone now :yahoo: Last night I tried out my golfing skills (or lack there of) at a driving range with...
  6. Atlas_aus

    Presurgery..... nervous

    Hi @Minnie77 , There does not seem to be too many of us that get BTKR but I am glad I did. :) I am just 3 months post op and am doing very well without the need for PT etc.... Although I required to go for $$ reasons... The best advice I can give is rest, ice & elevate. Do not be afraid to...
  7. Atlas_aus

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral TKRs, now 8 weeks post op

    @NikiT , Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi :loll: I am a month ahead of you and also BTKR. Have you managed to get on a bike yet ? I prefer it to walking. Slowly does it and as you push your limits expect some minor pain and swelling, then just rest, elevate and ice them... Repeat :) I am...
  8. Atlas_aus

    Checking in! 37.5yr old male 18mos after bad knee became horrible knee

    @KenUSA36 Welcome, if you have been lurking that long you would have a very good understanding of all things knee related ! I could not agree with what @rosieNZ has said below : Your quality (or lack there of) of life has to be first and foremost rather than waiting for some magical age...
  9. Atlas_aus

    TKR 10 year+ both knees replaced now pain in right knee

    This is exactly why I tell people not to put off surgery. You will again have quality of life and if something goes wrong, like you have found, diagnose and fix it. Hope it all works out for you :)
  10. Atlas_aus

    I’m 38 and worried I need tkr

    Hey mate, Welcome to the forum. Lots of good advice and amazing people here. My take. Age is just a number, it used to be an important number even 10 yrs ago, but not so much now. Medical technology in the knee, hip and shoulder replacements has moved forward in leaps and bounds. I put up...
  11. Atlas_aus

    TKR at 41 for unique problems?

    No, not fair at all. Good news you are now going to have it done. I totally understand about the knee giving out, though luckily I never hit the floor. I waited over ten years to get mine done, not through choice.. But now they have been I am pain free and living well again. Not quite 100% but...
  12. Atlas_aus

    TKR Doctor expectations

    Gidday @skill1234 , Totally agree with what @rosieNZ said. I am just on 2 months post op double total knee replacement. Doing very well. And to your questions : 1 - When I was your age I was told the same thing. Technology has changed. The components that could wear out are easily replaced...
  13. Atlas_aus

    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    Woohoo, 2 months today !! :wowspring::happydance::yay: What a ride it has been. Once that catheter came out I was well on my way to recovery. The weather here (Thailand) is agreeing with me, nice to be back in the warm weather once again, all be it for a couple of weeks. When I look back...
  14. Atlas_aus

    TKR Fell on knee

    I concur with @sistersinhim. I am 2 months today post BTKR and I am nearly back to normal. This site helped me decide the best course of action, which was ice, rest & elevate with simple tasks of going to the toilet and walking to the fridge etc. No exercise, no heel slides, nothing. Because...
  15. Atlas_aus

    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    Hello all, A quick update. all is going well and I survived a 9 hr flight back to the warm weather for a couple of weeks, hopefully missing the really cold stuff back home. I wore my 'special' socks (we call them TEDs here, no idea why) took a few sleeping pills and the plane was sufficiently...
  16. Atlas_aus

    Revision TKR Elaine’s slow-as-a-snail revision recovery

    Hello @eelainea65 , Oh my goodness what are we to do with you ? :) Well I have just left my Winter home for a couple of weeks and landed back here in Thailand. Ahhh, so much better than the cold ! Not sure what I would do without Aircon though, melt perhaps ! :happydance: I am not sure about...
  17. Atlas_aus

    TKR FitGal’s Recovery

    Hello, Welcome to the other side. Lot's of great information here. 7 weeks post BTKR and the best advice I can give is REST, ICE & ELEVATE. Don't worry about trying to do too much else. Moving around home is more than enough exercise. Once you have healed then you can worry about exercising...
  18. Atlas_aus

    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    @Jockette , That must be very disappointing. Perhaps you need to find another Dr that will actually listen to you. Surely there are other tests they can do, like CT scan or something. Good luck.
  19. Atlas_aus

    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    Good mroning @Jockette I am sorry this has not turned out like you have hoped for. Is there something that can be done ?
  20. Atlas_aus

    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    Good morning all, Whilst waiting to drift off to sleep last night I was wondering what people considered a successful procedure.... Is it a 'magical' number of degrees like some surgeons and OT's think ? Or is it returning to a normal life ? How do I / we know if the major trauma we have...

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