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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    My neighbor brought me the ladder this afternoon, he is about 70, super nice guy, he wanted to take care of it, but I though if he falls it may hurt him more at 70 than me at 51. You two hang in there and enjoy life, it will get better. Take your time and do what is rigth for you.
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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    :dancy:"Okay all, grab your drinks .................. I got a house!", I'm happy for you!!, sounds like a good reason to open a bottle of wine, time to hit the fridg. Talking about stairs, today up a step ladder to change out some lights on a vaulted ceiling, Yikes, Scared to Death, but survived...
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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    So a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc is my reward. I like your thought process :)
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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    Hey Dogloverx3, thats what motivated me trash those Hydrocodones, I can't give up Happy Hour, and obviously not do both. Weather 60 today, Sunny, So I think I will go get the grill fired up and drink a cold one, get my mind off the peg leg, and have fun. "Enjoy Life Today, Who Knows About...
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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    The wine is the new replacement blood thinner,works great, sometimes used as a pain killer too :)
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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    I must laugh at the 95 year old remark, because you are exactly corrrect. We left the Mexican Restaurant yesterday afternoon, still much ice in the parking lot from the storm, so there I go with the baby steps, praying I would not fall, then climb into driver's seat of the truck and seemed like...
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    [TKR] Did not expect this!

    Good news for you!, I had no staples and the glue thing seemed to work ver well for me too.
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    [TKR] I'm 2 years out - Hooray

    Seven weeks myself, feel much better than two weeks ago, mobility much better, now this weather needs to go away!!! I will be so glad when it hits the sixties next week. Getting myself for the return to duty on April 1st. Girls have been out of school for fives day now!!! Winter go away, Tampa...
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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    Well it sounds lik your doing good, it is just a long slow process and I have no patience. I tried to plan this operation during the do-nothing winter months. I hope to be at least 75 percent by Mid-April. I would say 60 percent normal today. I love the water and being out on the lake so I...
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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    Does the PT folk's have a set of stairs? The PT facility I used had stair platform wih four different types of steps, a 6 inch, 8 inch and I think 12 inch stair. This really helped with re-training the body to maneuver the stairs. They had me do them sideways, backward an forward. I know it...
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    [TKR] I'm 2 years out - Hooray

    I truly beleive some days are like hell and others are better for what ever reason, I still have that dreded tightness around the top portion of my knee and it drives me crazy. Today it feels fine, who knows about tomorrow? There is one thng that seems to help me for some reason when I'm on my...
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    [BILATERAL TKR] Seven Weeks out of BTKR and feeling good

    Week seven for me too, but not bilat, I stopped all of my narcotics last week, I feel pretty good, and much better than week 2, 3,4!!! Still swelling when on my feet for a long time, but overall not bad, hope this helps?
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    [TKR] My Journey as of 12/16/13 - Over 1 Year and Still Trying

    Never sell yourself short, you will do fine. At 51, I have come to realize enjoy life today because who knows what tomorrow may bring? The game of life is a one time deal and there are no replays. There are those days I ask myself why in the hell did I do this, but I cannot undue what has been...
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    Lurker with a question

    I attended a joint class prior to the surgery an it did provide some great information. Good luck, no inversion table for me and I'm at seven weeks. Maybe next year at best.
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    Got the call

    I dd the same, I checked in at 5:15 A:M and to my room by 10:30 A:M, I'm glad I did it this way, I did not sleep much the night before anyhow, actually felt better after the surgery, seemed pretty rested. Also gave me the opportunity to get my butt up and move later that afternoon, good luck.
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    [TKR] Almost 8 months later...the aftermath

    Doglover is so right, I did PT three times a week, I would try to do nothing on the mornings of PT except the slide first thing in the morning to loosnen the knee up, take a hydrocodone about 30 minutes prior to arriving at PT, then do my one hour workout at PT. I cannot agree more, DO Not do...
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    2 Days Away

    I did the same thing, stayed way from everyone to reduce the risk of getting ill prior to my sugery. Everything went fine, the last two days were stressful, and I understand, it will be perfectly fine. :)
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    [TKR] Almost 8 months later...the aftermath

    Hey, everything is fine out here in Kentucky, except pending ice storm, released by the PT and OS Thursday, getting back to normal, thank god. Hang in there and you will do fine, just a time consuming process. Always live forward and not backward. :)
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    [TKR] Six weeks Post-Op finished O/P PT Today!!!

    So you found it?, The only modification I made to his method was using the rubber strap or band. Let me know how it works out for you?

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