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    TKR 3 weeks post op

    Day 2 after surgery. I'm wondering if my nerve block is wearing off. It feels like my knee is swollen and getting some pain on the inside of me. Is this normal?
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    TKR Lesson learned

    Make sure all dental work is done a month before going in. I had to have an emergency cavity filled Tuesday and they cancelled my suey scheduled for 6/3.
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    TKR Clothing after surgery

    I have a little less than 2 weeks and I would like some recommendations for bottoms and anything else I might need. Thank you.
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    TKR New date, October 16, 2020

    I'm having a RTKR on 6/3 rescheduled from 4/3. I'm wondering what changes were implemented by the hospital or what should I look out for.
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    TKR Anyone's surgery been cancelled due to Coronavirus

    My surgery is scheduled for April 3rd and they just cancelled a class that was mandatory so I'm wondering if the surgery is next.
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    TKR Preparation list for my TKR

    I have a little over a month for my new knee and now I'm starting to make my list of must haves. Please let me know what you think I should put on my list. I don't want to miss anything.
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    TKR Anyone going through Kaiser for TKR?

    I'm trying to be prepared as much as possible for my appt with my surgeon.
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    Anything I can do or get started on before my consult?

    I have my consultation in a month. Is there anything I can do prior to that to get my surgery date sooner rather than later?
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    Consult with surgeon on Nov 18

    I'm scheduled for my consult with the surgeon on November 18th and I would like help with questions that I should ask him. Are there questions you wish you would have asked but never thought of?


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