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  1. Toddlermom

    [THR] Toddlermom, a double hippy at last

    After Tika’s rescue, life and surgical recovery rapidly turned around. Next update after a nap-
  2. Toddlermom

    [THR] Toddlermom, a double hippy at last

    Soooo....the third bit of antics happened at the hospital. Forgive all of the typo mistakes. My eyes have been having trouble focusing to write. In recovery, it took several hours to get moved up to a overnight room. This is when life got interesting. I had been told to hold on...
  3. Toddlermom

    [THR] Toddlermom, a double hippy at last

    Good morning! This new hip has already been a hip ee, I would no. brought such relief. I am so grateful to have those terrible hips gone. My surgeon said it was definitely time! I had mentioned earlier that my new doctor was new to me and o here were several things that were unexpected...
  4. Toddlermom

    [THR] Toddlermom, a double hippy at last

    I am out, in a roon, and recovering. Catch up once I get home- I am finally a double hippie, thank heavens. Bye bye knife feeling in my femur. Nerve block and sedation made the recovery room easier. However, getting the correct equipment in my room was far more difficult. Surprising for...
  5. Toddlermom

    [HIP ARTHROSCOPY] Hip Arthroscopy

    @Jo33 So sorry you are experiencing pain! Almost 8 years ago, I had the same surgery at 37, and my doc told me in the recovery room that he probably should have done a THR. Your response is totally understandable to such a surprise. Sometimes I think docs don’t really do a great job...
  6. Toddlermom

    [THR] Harryn1's Recovery thread

    so sorry that pesky lefty is bringing his knife. Ugh! Take a little rest. Hard as it is. You now know how life changing THR is when the time comes. I went to the OS as soon as I started having trouble with my Socks this time! Hopefully a few days of rest will bring lefty back into...
  7. Toddlermom

    [THR] 36 yo in recovery

    Sadly, I am a hippy alumni at 45! Bilateral dysplasia. Mistakenly, I had arthroscopic repair at 37 when I really should have had a THR. Sooo sorry you needed it, but I am sooo glad that you are on the right road to recovery. What is your medical specialty? The experience on this...
  8. Toddlermom

    [HIP INFECTION] Second Hip Infection

    Pirates! Tell them it was pirates! Feel better. Your body must be exhausted. Sending you all the healing juju that I have.
  9. Toddlermom

    [THR] 36 yo in recovery

    Welcome to the hippy club! Rest up tonight. I will join you later today-
  10. Toddlermom

    [THR] Toddlermom, a double hippy at last

    or, almost! Check in is 7:30 am central. All is quiet around here. It has been raining all day, and it sounds lovely outside my window. My family is all asleep, and of course you are left alone with your thoughts and reflections. My last snack was a slice of homemade pumpkin bread...
  11. Toddlermom

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    Forgive the brain dump. The lead up to hip #2 has been very different this time around. I feel far more disconnected to what is coming. Part of it is.....My kiddos are older at 5&7 and soooo active. Part of it is I am juggling a job and we moved a couple months ago (so there have been...
  12. Toddlermom

    A little past 1 year RTHR anniversary ready for LTHR

    @SimplyD I have been in the frenzied prep! Surgery on the 25th and yesterday was my last day of work for a while......SO many grants to complete since I am scheduled to return in late December. Hope all is well with your new hardware!
  13. Toddlermom

    I have a date

    @Sabine Another double hippie on the 25th! Let’s get this done-
  14. Toddlermom

    I have a date!

    @Layla Confirmed with the ortho scheduler that my new doc doesn’t yet have the Mako for hips (only knees). But the scheduler totally geeked out when I told her that my other THR was a Mako, lol. She talked about how excited the doc was to have the Mako knee, when did I get it....and so...
  15. Toddlermom

    [THR] Are We There Yet?

    @Barbaraj Enjoy that spinal! So glad that everything went so smoothly. Rest. Ask for lots of Ice, a stool softener, and Torodol can’t hurt either!
  16. Toddlermom

    I have a date!

    A bit of a moment, now that this is happening in 3 1/2 weeks :shocked:: 1. The technical: I wish that I was going to have matching scars, but different insurance = different doctor. I had the Mako - computer assisted anterior hip with Stryker. Don’t think they have that at my new HMO...
  17. Toddlermom

    A little past 1 year RTHR anniversary ready for LTHR

    @SimplyD You are 10 days ahead of me! My date was set for the 25th today.......so much to do. Gotta schedule a dentist appt, pronto!
  18. Toddlermom

    I have a date!

    @Jaycey Met with the doc in February, so we didn’t need another appointment. So relieved! It is possible that my job might go away in a few months, so I need this to happen quickly while my insurance is covered by my employer.
  19. Toddlermom

    I have a date!

    October 25th is the big day! It means that I will be MIA for the kids Halloween party.....but I should be good for thanksgiving and Christmas. YIPPEE!!!!! Now all the tasks-
  20. Toddlermom

    [THR] Are We There Yet?

    Welcome to the recovery side! A few weeks from know you will be tooling around with your new hip and all that pain th the rear view mirror. This week is a bit rough, but we will all be here with you. :sleep: Rest. Recover. And we look forward to hearing from you!

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