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  1. Cecropia

    THR Cocoon to moth

    Cecropia recovery Worse than MRI showed, but not terrible. Was good I did it.. Will post later. So far only want me on Norco. So you can't always trust MRI. Surgeon was surprised too. Will type later...xo
  2. Cecropia

    My 3 day before surgery plan

    My instructions say clean towel, pjs, underwear, after evening cleanse every night 3 days prior. Wash sheets and pillow cases night before only. Freshly washed day clothes ea morning. So I'm going to wash a set of 3 pair of bras, underwear, pjs, clothes, towels and dry in dryer then put each...
  3. Cecropia

    Page 241 hip replacements

    Wanted to read some of the old hip replacement posts for fun and ended up really interesting. I spent a long time working my way backwards and the best part was enjoying a lot of the replies from Josephine as she was quite available for discussion at that time. I think it went back like 11...
  4. Cecropia

    I have a date now for surgery....

    Saw my OS today. He said this has been going on long enough, it's your hip and gave me choices. The other choices just prolonged the issue, so I took his advice. My date is May 28. LHR. Posterior. Oxinium implant. So this will be my new pre-OP thread from now on.
  5. Cecropia

    My MRI results anyone have similar?

    Fraying of left acetabular labrum with small degenerative tear superimposed over left hip arthritis as described. No evidence of acute osseous fracture or dislocation. Arthritic change of left hip joint is seen with subchondral cystic change and edema more prominent along the acetabular side...
  6. Cecropia

    Chances of infections from nose piercings or earrings.

    I never should have read about infections in hip replacements and spacers. It's all real and I feel sadness for those going through it and pray for all good outcomes. But now I'm afraid to have my THR husband warned me to only read the positive. I have pierced ears and a nose...
  7. Cecropia

    What if it's not the hip

    Hi, I'm always very active, walking, kayaking, roller skating, elliptical and mini trampoline, plus always outside working, I'm a Tom, boy sort of, love challenge without asking hubby for help. My pain first started in my left thigh when walking my daily 3 miles over last summer. It...


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