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    Hip Infection* problem

    Hello,well I have my date,I go in for surgery November 30th,gosh i hope i get better quickly its all cutting it a bit fine for Christmas! Next week Covid and blood and then we are off. All Christmas food orderd because even if I am in my PJs the wrinklys want to come for Christmas,plus my...
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    THR Wound vac questions

    Hello,you are doing well helping your husband i had wound vac and mine started leaking after 5 days, mine was caused by a haematoma and better out than in, I really think a healthcare professional should remove this,could your general practice nurse help out? Much better to for the drainage...
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    Hip Infection* problem

    Thank you Mojo I am coping and yes they have helped except now got tendonitis on top of my foot I guess due to whats going on with my gait but anti inflams starting to help. Hopefully this week trying to get extra theatre space. Hope all well with you, very mild and wet here. Hugsxxx
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    Hip Infection* problem

    Thank you everyone, the realization has sunk in! It has to be done, whichever they are able to do. Yes definately 2 weeks or longer, I have not got a femur and this with so little bone for them to work with is also a problem. If I have to have another spacer so be it. The pain is really...
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    Hip Infection* problem

    Not the news i wanted to hear,a big bend of the spacer and all cement off. Urgent surgery within next 2 weeks,have had pre ops etc--at least i know what the pain is! minimum stay 2 weeks, ut at least time to sort home out. Hugs to you all,will have to sign for both spacer and reconstruction...
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    Hip Infection* problem

    Hello friends,i seem to be in abit of trouble! off to ROH tomorrow,my bloods are great,but pain almost unbearable, does anyone know if you can get Bursitis if you have a spacer in? I have had a great 2 years but the spacer is not happy and i fear my time is coming.I have been so lucky upto now...
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    THR girdlestone

    @lyn12 I have a sort of girdlestone, but, I have not got a femur so it is all done with my spacer being attached to my artificial knee. I have had 3 artificial hips but suffered infection and sepsis over a 10 year period. This spacer has been in situ for two and a half years, I really lead a...
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    Hip Infection* I'm back home

    Hi Linda, hoping you are feeling more positive, keep strong, thinking of you. Hugsxx
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    Hip Infection* Hip Spacer what to expect?

    Bless you both,the main thing he is on antibiotics and it will be a little time until you get the full blood results. I also have a spacer in due to infection from my hip replacement already mine has been in for 2 years but shortly we will try again, it is possible to lead a life with a spacer...
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    Hip Infection* problem

    @Mojo333 Hi, All is fine here, its been a very hot week quite freaky!---We should have been in Crete but of course dear Boris has deemed otherwise! Such a mess in the world! Its been a great summer our youngest son 45!! had his Thai fiancee here for 3 months and what a fabulous time was had...
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    Hip Infection* Rare five-year post op Issue

    Thinking of you,big hugsxxx
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    Revision THR Now Facing Left Hip Revision

    Hi Beckford,if its sore putting full weight dont do it,i was like you and pushed myself so much but it was not the answer,it was also my revision,i think it really is worth going slowly, i let the physios talk me into doing things that really caused problems, i thinkBonesmart are right just walk...
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    Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    Wonderful Izzy, so happy for you, big hugsxxx
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    Hip Infection* Rare five-year post op Issue

    @Elle6 you have got super attitude to what has happened to you, and its true that it is not an awful diagnosis like cancer, but it still takes strength to fight your way through it and come out smiling. I will not bore you with my history but I still have a spacer in after sepsis for the third...
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    Hip Infection* Life After SCaprae

    Wonderful newsxx
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    Hip Infection* Life After SCaprae

    Bless her, so much to deal with, I so understand, I hope a glimmer of hope can help her fight, big prayers xx
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    Hip Infection* Life After SCaprae

    Bless her, how ill she must be, ongoing prayersxx
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    Bilateral THR Grateful Double Hippy

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    Hip Infection* Life After SCaprae

    So pleased good newsxx
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    Hip Infection* problem

    Bless you----strange times we are living in! No major surgery going ahead yet, been told not until COVID is well and truly rested will I get the go! My guess is it will be next year, what will be will be but I am fine and really managing very well. Our youngest son is back with his Thai girl...


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