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    Happy Thanksgiving

    On this Thanksgiving Day I have to pause and give thanks to everyone on this site that has helped me through the last four months since my THR. Especially Josephine. You have been an immense blessing for me, and I am forever grateful. God bless all who are here, all who are preparing for...
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    Took a fall

    Hi all, I had my surgery 6/16 and I guess that makes me about 4 months out. I was getting out of my computer chair last night and took two steps and somehow tripped. I feel foward and right onto my right hip and elbow. It didn't hurt too bad when I did it, but I have been having terrible today...
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    UTI following THR

    okay... so I had a visit to the ER 11 days ago for upper abdominal pain that went into my upper back. Ended up having an endoscopy on Thursday. Well... I get a call from the ER last week with a message on my machine. Thought it was just one of those follow up survey things, so I didn't call...
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    Just when you think you've recovered!

    Hi All, Just when I thought I turned the corner for good... bam! I told my husband Saturday morning I really felt like I turned the corner. My hip and leg were feeling much better, although I still had numbness in my right buttock and thigh, everything else was good. Well, that was short...
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    Back to Work Today!!

    I am 10 weeks post op yesterday and I returned to work today. I am working 2 days a week to start in the office. I will see my OS again on 9/12. I have a one hour commute to my work so it has taken a little longer to get back than for most people. I will tell you one thing...I am absolutely...
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    A little setback

    Hi all, I saw my OS today and discussed with him the numbness in my left leg when standing for a few minutes (RTHR 6/16). I also showed him where the back of my right thigh is completely numb. I talked about the pain that goes down my right leg from my buttock. Well... as you are probably...
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    Postop ups and downs

    I am 48 years old, and had RTHR on June 16th. I had my staples removed almost 2 weeks ago at my first post-op visit, as well as an xray that showed everything was healing well. I have been in out-patient PT since one week following my surgery and doing well with it. I have had good days and...

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