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  1. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Bchbum4evr is FINALLY getting her 4evr!

    @Layla Thank you for reminder. I admit I have nothing new and exciting to report. My new hip has fit in like a glove. I rarely ‘notice’ it’s new. No pain from hip at all! Hubs won’t let me cut trees or haul debris - and I understand- no jeapordizing new hip! Today I was on the floor with...
  2. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Bchbum4evr is FINALLY getting her 4evr!

    @Alitm, @Windsong, @Mojo333 , @Layla appreciate the kind words and well wishes. They are needed by so many. I am simply amazed at how well the new hip has performed. I still have bursitis pain on the trochanter but not much I can do right now for it. I ice at night, but will have to wait for a...
  3. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Bchbum4evr is FINALLY getting her 4evr!

    @ Layla I admit I broke down the other day saying ‘OH MY GOD! I’m one of those people we’ve seen on tv!’ It’s been 23 years since a direct hit on Panam City (Opal) but Florida panhandle hasn’t had a storm of this magnitude since 1850’s.. We will rebuild. Please come and visit our beautiful...
  4. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Bchbum4evr is FINALLY getting her 4evr!

    @Layla To truly answer what I’ve been up to, I have to step back in time to Oct 10, 430 am, when my cousin called and said ‘OMG! Are you watching that Michael is coming in as a Category 4? Are y’all staying or leaving?’ Woke hubs up, who woke his son up (he and his wife, 3 gkids and mother...
  5. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Friday 13th July

    @Bionic the advice here is solid. Just take it slow and cautious. I was told my restrictions were for life. Yeah, that’s not realistic. So the last 3 or so weeks I’ve gotten on the floor (and up) w hubby nearby to start. Now it’s no issue. Bent way more than 90 degrees etc. my PT said that...
  6. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] JoeKnows Recovery

    Be careful my friend. That very well could be Bursitis on the Trochanter starting. THAT is what's happened to many of us and it will halt your progress in healing. Not to mention cause pain all down your leg when trying to sleep on side. Ice it like crazy and do as you've said, cut back on...
  7. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] JoeKnows Recovery

    @JoeKnows I looked at your info profile today and realized I AM old enough to be your mother (my oldest is 32)...so maybe I was mothering a bit. Lol Good luck tonight with your meeting.
  8. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Are We There Yet?

    Prayers for you today! Won't be long and hip pain will be gone!
  9. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] JoeKnows Recovery

    @JoeKnows I've been reading your posts and enjoying the laughs. I see where @Mojo333 and @Layla have cautioned you on overdoing etc. and probably, it appears, like me you are thinking 'they are mods, they get paid(kudos, tokens, whatever) to say these things. I'm 10 weeks out and like you...
  10. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] My hip hip hooray journey<

    editted and SurreyGirl glad to hear (read) that you both are continuing to improve. It's wonderful to be free of the hip pain, isn't it? Good luck with your show editted, your jewelry is stunning. One thing I miss about not working and living in a very casual city is wearing coordinating...
  11. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Dogchick's Hippy Recovery Adventure

    Great to hear from you Dogchick! Sorry about all the changes at work... keep your positive attitude and this year will pass quickly! My mom was a Paraprofessional for many years, y'all are blessings to many!!
  12. Bchbum4evr

    Movies/concerts after hip replacement

    I went to movies at 3 weeks post op. Sat on end of aisle so I could straighten op leg out. I had anteriorlateral and have not experienced discomfort sitting as some fellow hippies have. I also had no ankle/lower leg swelling.
  13. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Bchbum4evr is FINALLY getting her 4evr!

    @Layla or @Mojo333 or anyone! I am fairly certain I've seen stretches for ITB posted, but can't remember on who's thread. Maybe @editted. I recall they couldn't be done if under 8 Wk's post op so I didn't pay attention. I'd like to see them now and begin doing them to stretch (hopefully) my ITB...
  14. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Hoosier78's Recovery Thread

    @hoosier78 as someone who has 'walked the wrong way' for a long time, be prepared for soreness, tenderness and stiffness as you correct it. I was zipping along on recovery, feeling no pain and then started walking 'correctly'. Have had unexpected soreness ( not pain, just 'ugh'). Been on a fun...
  15. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Bchbum4evr is FINALLY getting her 4evr!

    @Jaycey @dlp @Bionic yes, OS told me that too pre-op and PA said it at both followups. She also said 'we know our patients do things they shouldn't, just don't tell us!' Having been educated by Bonesmart and all you smarties, I knew each dr had different rules/restrictions. I THINK they do to...
  16. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] Bchbum4evr is FINALLY getting her 4evr!

    @Layla - Thanks for the Two Month Anniversary wishes! I'm doing well, it's been a busy almost 3 weeks of traveling in RV. I've been very comfortable riding and being in the motorhome. I did step briefly into the ODIC after a Saturday of tailgating with 22 people at our RV and walking to and from...
  17. Bchbum4evr

    Shifting gears late in the game!

    I'll second and third that at 8 weeks you will feel healed ( but still healing inside) and have little to no pain. I'm at 8 weeks and couple days and I find myself forgetting I've even had surgery. Prayers for good recovery... just remember slow and steady for this journey!
  18. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] TripleF100 in recovery<

    I think you'll be amazed at the improvement you will see in the next 11 days! Around 3-4 weeks it all seems to start to come together. Not healed of course but you see improvement in a big way. i.e. On a Friday I tried walking down stairs normal, nope. The following Monday or Tuesday walked...
  19. Bchbum4evr

    Pain on left hip and butt.

    I never experienced typical hip pain in the groin area ( even though I was bone on bone and 3 really big bone spurs). My pain was on the lateral side of the hip. Not usual, but not unusual either... only a THR could help me. Good luck! (And THR has changed my life at 51)
  20. Bchbum4evr

    [THR] After THR ,knee pain

    Knee pain is common. They have to twist and move it around during surgery. It will get better. The moderators will check in and give you more detailed information Welcome to the better side!!

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