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    Revision for psuedotumor from MoM THR

    POD #6. Physical therapy arrived today and seemed pleased with progress. Able to get around with one crutch with her blessing (which is quite nice/convenient/etc.). Have been relegated to the indoor mall areas for walking due to all the snow we've had. Interesting people in the mall. Met...
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    Revision for psuedotumor from MoM THR

    Hey all, It's been a good while since I posted here. I have been enjoying life as much as possible on my new hips! This Summer I had been climbing a bunch more and was using my hip abductors more than in other activities I do (skiing, biking, etc.). I noted some pain and swelling over the...
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    Metal on Metal warning (old but ongoing news)

    Hey all, Haven't been on the site in a few years (2010, I think), but I am back due to this particular topic. I'll post a recovery thread that will detail my experience with complications of MoM as a resource for others.
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    Skiing 2 months and 2 weeks from LTHR

    Not cemented, but rather press-fit. Not too worried about loosening parts. The press-fit models have a porous surface that allows ingrowth of your body's natural bone. This acts like velcro essentially. The best part is, the more you use the bones (i.e. weight bear, vibrate, etc.) the...
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    Considering options after unsuccessful Operation

    Total hip Me too! Time will tell, I suppose. I'll start making changes after the 5 yr mark, I think. Either more or less activity. I miss running. Not because I like to run, but because I like to eat. Did take the new metal for a test ride on this last week: (I know Jo, too big, but...
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    aspirin versus blood thinners

    Madmama, This topic came up in this forum with a gentleman who had travelled to India last year or the year before, I believe. At first, I was incredulous that aspirin was recommended to this man as the standard teaching in medical school is that knee and hip arthroplasty are the highest...
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    Considering options after unsuccessful Operation

    My wife says I act 14 :D, but I'm actually a few years older than the original poster... so I figured it may be germaine.
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    Considering options after unsuccessful Operation

    Worth looking into Total hip replacement or resurfacing if your results are not improving with the scope. Don't settle for "you're too young". I had mine done almost 2 yrs ago and I've been enjoying things like this: Good luck!!
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    Skiing 2 months and 2 weeks from LTHR

    An update: Last week before the kids were dogpiling me in this photo, I was surfing the wave in the background. I hadn't surfed in years. . . Pretty much couldn't straddle the board cause I was too stiff. Better now: Then back to skiing. . . Another day in the office: Glorious...
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    Metal on Metal Hips

    "Ain't no 100% guarantees of anything...." Hard to swallow, but well put! FYI, I'm giving up my blood for an ion study to evaluate the amount of metal ions in the blood. The long term goal is to see if the level of metal ions in the blood correlate to wear rate. They will also compare...
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    Skiing 2 months and 2 weeks from LTHR

    More from last two weeks. Sorry no action shots this time. . Did get a good shot of an avalanche we triggered (on purpose) - so kind of action? More to come when the weather clears again. . . Serious sledding with the kid: Summit (I'm the one with less gray and more metal joints): Avalanche!
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    THR vs. Resurfacing

    Nobody knows for sure. If they say they do, they're lying. . . Too many variables on the placement of components and too short a track record/too few subjects for either MOM THR or MOM resurfacing in hard-core athletes to be sure. There is a forum dedicated to this topic. Maybe this should...
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    Skiing 2 months and 2 weeks from LTHR

    Bremdog, (Jo, apologies for taking the thread off-course a bit!) Good for you for taking this so far! It sure is a hard decision to make when presented with so many options. I was up all night the day before my surgery reviewing literature on different types of hip replacement and...
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    Gentle downhill skier thread. Need ideas

    Hey, Well, I was pretty nervous about getting back to skiing (understatement of the year!). I had taken all of last season off skiing to get surgery and rehab. While in the rehab gym, I ran into a lady one day who walked with a pretty bad limp. I asked her if she was also recovering from a...
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    Skiing 2 months and 2 weeks from LTHR

    Powder is good. Better with new hips. Last Tuesday: Cheers, Dave
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    Reach for the stars...

    Tommy, Awesome! I knew you would persevere despite all the setbacks! Congrats! I too had my first forays back on the slopes in the past few weeks. Finally hit my first good sized back-country powder day on Tuesday. Finally starting to feel like I know what I'm doing again. Best part...
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    Looseness of joint

    It takes quite some time for your muscles to regain their resting tone and this clunking and "looseness" can be present until then. I'm not sure the joint is actually moving all that much, but any movement is noticeable. I'm assuming it doesn't do this when you are walking or bending, but...
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    Rock climbing after THR - MUST SEE!!!!!!

    Nice. Fall in J tree. . . Echo Rock? I (and all you others) need to start taking my camera on adventures so we can make a "photo sticky" of life after THR. A picture's worth a thousand words! Congrats.
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    Discussion on the merits of hip resurfacing

    Thank you Jo for taking the time to correct this gentleman's broad-reaching and largely inaccurate claims. I have never seen this degree misinformation be posted in this forum and defended by the poster as much - without any sources mind you. Rest assured readers, your taperfit generally...

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