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  1. ForumUser

    [THR] THR/A Doing Well

    OK - another update ... 5 months. I won't bore with photos, but great fun across our recent travels - last left you as we arrived in Bayeux for two days of WWII tours of Normandy. Headed to Bordeaux - whoops, then there was the train strike ... so, instead of getting on the train, it was taxi...
  2. ForumUser

    [THR] What’s Normal

    Cooper, You’re absolutely on track! Elevate and ice!!
  3. ForumUser

    [THR] Implant Too Big

    My right and left devices are different manufacturers, are somewhat different in size and shape, are mounted at slightly different lateral locations/acetabular cups. I initially felt like it was an issue, but after working on my gait, at about two months thrre was no difference. No limp after...
  4. ForumUser

    [THR] Steve’s Recovery Thread

    Somsteve, Just call and cancel appointment - tell them you are too well to attend.
  5. ForumUser

    [BILATERAL THRs] Sue's double hip replacement

    Sounds like perfect timing ... I think many get the twitches following surgery ... lots of stuff moved, cut, and then the always somewhat personalized random/unknown effects of various drugs. I tended to sleep a bit fitfully, initially, gradually working back up to seven hours, but having...
  6. ForumUser

    [THR] Steelmanpa's Recovery Thread

    You're doing fine ... Here’s how I iced ... nylon workout shorts, on back on sofa with two pillows under knees, rotated with op side up, put silicon packs right on the nylon so almost nothing else between skin and the silicon ice pack, put towels on top to insulate. 45-60 minutes. Up, walk...
  7. ForumUser

    [THR] Stubborn pain- normal or PT induced?

    Ice and elevate for 45-60 min, then walk around, then smile, then walk, then ice and elevate. Repeat Maybe do some leg slides laying on the bed, then ice and elevate. Walk, walk, walk. You can exercise later
  8. ForumUser

    [THR] Steve’s Recovery Thread

    Steve, Did you discuss whether/if you are elevating and icing, or exercising or doing formal PT? Can you answer, please?
  9. ForumUser

    [THR] Steve’s Recovery Thread

    Steve, Did you discuss whether/if you are elevating and icing, or exercising or doing formal PT? At 8 weeks, IMO you should be off narcotics and walking comfortably ...
  10. ForumUser

    [THR] What’s Normal

    One takes narcotics when needed ... if not needed, one continues with tylenol. If tylenol is sufficient for pain, then don't take take narcotcs at all. Seriously, you get to decide. I returned home the day after the op ... took two oxy tabs in hospital the day of the op. None after that -...
  11. ForumUser

    [THR] My Summer Recovery in California

    SK, My recent replacement was May 14, 2019 ... first was 20 years ago. Both resulted in near normal mobility with 8 weeks. Three week trip to Colorado at 8 weeks, drove three days each direction, walked hills, hiked a bit, etc. Week long trip to Canada fishing at 12 weeks, with airline...
  12. ForumUser

    [THR] My Summer Recovery in California

    SK, I used corticosteroid shots in the hip most recently replaced for over two years - 1st one was incredible and absolutely normal for 4 plus months, 2nd was great for same period, 3rd fine for four months, 4th meh for four months and 5th didnt do anything, so had it replaced two months later...
  13. ForumUser

    [THR] September 7 RTHR :) - a bit worried though..

    Sashka, You're getting good advice - if you have pain at four weeks, it means you should have pain. If you need assistance walking at four weeks, it means you need assistance. It’s circular logic, because everyone is different! Stop overthinking this. Stop PT completely, ice and elevate. I...
  14. ForumUser

    [THR] Hip Replacement-9 weeks still limping

    TW, I have read hundreds of threads on THRs ...had two myself. I have heard no one report PT, other than VERY basic supine exercises, were helpful, but MANY report increased pain. My advice at your stage - stop PT (except basic stretching), walk as comfortable, get off narcotics as soon as...
  15. ForumUser

    [THR] September 7 RTHR :) - a bit worried though..

    You're perfect for a month! While your age works for you a bit, it may make you think your major surgery recovery - internal stitches dissolving faster, bone growth onto the prosthetic device, incision healing faster, etc - should be 2-3X, but it won’t be. Enjoy the world ... smile, walkabout...
  16. ForumUser

    [THR] Recovery for a 50 yr old male

    Sigh. Everyone is different. Eight weeks some are walking five miles a day, some around the house twice. Some doing stairs no problem, some not. Some have stopped using narcotics at one day, some have to run out and be refused additional refills. Where did the idea of using a heating pad...
  17. ForumUser

    [THR] pain meds at day 6 post thr

    I used zero narcotics after leaving the hospital. 4 G of Tylenol per day was plenty of pain relief ...
  18. ForumUser

    [THR] THR/A Doing Well

    I haven't been icing ... too difficult to coordinate on the road. Do look forward to some when we return home mid Oct. Four miles today, but no carrying of suitcases up and down stairs!
  19. ForumUser

    [THR] THR/A Doing Well

    17 weeks Today finds lovely spouse and me completing five days in Crowborough, UK with castles, estates, long walks in huge gardens, staying with friends, todays’s ride to ferry in Newhaven, ferry to Dieppe, FR, three trains to Bayeux, FR and a great dinner! Hardest day since my left THR -...
  20. ForumUser

    [THR] Finally

    All normal! To give you some more confidence regarding how great these procedures are - how understood by the medical profession (even though it is very special for us, the patients) ... my stay was overnight as Medicare requires this, otherwise, the doc said it was OK for out patient, same...

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