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  1. Coppernob

    [KNEE INFECTION] Here I am again

    Today, in fear and trembling, I went to see my surgeon again for the first time in 3 years. I was referred back to him as I've been having severe pain in my left knee (the one that was infected) and it feels very unstable. After pushing and pulling my knee in all sorts of directions, he thinks...
  2. Coppernob

    [KNEE INFECTION] Please don't give up

    I'm on an adrenaline high! I've just spent a week with my family in Italy and have been cycling every day, this 10 years after my first surgery and 2 years after my last with an infection in between. If you are struggling, or possibly even wondering why you ever had the surgery in the first...
  3. Coppernob

    finger/thumb Carpometacarpal (CMC) Joint Treatment?

    I've no idea where to post this as it's not about knee or hip surgery, but is osteoarthritis related. Maybe someone who knows about these things will move it if need be. Perhaps we need a new category called Related Surgeries or something similar. For the past four years or so I've been...
  4. Coppernob

    Proof if proof were needed ....

    ... that there is life after knee surgery, and even multiple surgeries. This week I have been riding a 'normal' bike (ie not static or electrically assisted) for the first time in over 8 years. Ok, so it is in the sun, in a small Italian village where there are no hills and hardly any traffic...
  5. Coppernob

    Proof if proof were needed ....

    ... that there is life after knee surgery, and even multiple surgeries. This week I have been riding a 'normal' bike (ie not static or electrically assisted) for the first time in over 8 years. Ok, so it is in the sun, in a small Italian village where there are no hills and hardly any traffic...
  6. Coppernob

    Can knees be affected by stress?

    My mother died at the end of January and her funeral wasn't until last Tuesday. In the intervening weeks I had a torrid time with my brother, and particularly my sister in law. She said some very hurtful, upsetting and unfair things that affected me deeply. I know I am generally very stressed...
  7. Coppernob

    [REVISION TKR] All done and dusted

    My op was on Monday and this evening I came home. All went ok but I'm exhausted so can't write more now. I'm off to bed but will try and check in again tomorrow. Linda x
  8. Coppernob

    The best laid plans . . . .

    I had planned to have a quiet weekend at home preparing myself for my surgery on Monday, and coping with Remembrance weekend (my first husband was a serving Royal Marine who died on 13 November 1984). Instead, Paul and I have today driven 150 miles to Norfolk and tomorrow we'll drive home...
  9. Coppernob

    Joint School

    I've just come back from my 2 hour pre-admission class, known as Joint School. It consisted of an hour's talk to the 3 of us that we're there about knee replacements, what to expect etc so I didn't learn much new there. Then there were individual sessions with a Physiotherapist, an...
  10. Coppernob

    To all November Nimbles

    As we approach 'our' month, I want to wish my fellow November Nimbles all the best for your up-coming surgery. If you're feeling anything like me then the collywobbles will be starting to set it, but life can only be better on the other side, and I look forward to seeing you there. Linda x
  11. Coppernob

    Some invitation!

    I had another letter and long questionnaire from the hospital today. I quote " . . . . You are invited to attend a combined assessment and education session. . . . . It is essential that you attend this session before you are admitted to hospital. If you do not attend your name will be...
  12. Coppernob

    To starve or not to starve?

    On the day of my surgery I don't have to be at the hospital until 11.00 am which presumably means I'll be on the afternoon list. Even so I have to starve from midnight, though I can have clear fluids until 7.00 am. In the past I've always had to starve from midnight but have had to be at...
  13. Coppernob

    All systems go . . . .

    I had my pre-op assessment this morning and was declared fit and healthy for surgery so now I just need a letter giving me the date to pop through the letterbox. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long. Tomorrow I fly to Italy for 5 days to catch up with the family there and to see how much...
  14. Coppernob

    Flying before surgery

    Can anyone please tell me what the guidelines are for flying shortly before surgery? I have the opportunity to go and see my family in Italy for a few days next month, returning on Sat 19 October. But there is a possibility that my revision surgery may be on 21 or 28 October, so would I be...
  15. Coppernob

    Back on the waiting list

    I saw my consultant again this afternoon and I'm now back on his waiting list for a right knee revision in October. I also had yet another X-ray taken of the left knee as I've been getting pain in it again. He thought it was ligament pain but wanted to be sure there was nothing sinister going...
  16. Coppernob

    Bone scan results

    Have just got back from seeing my consultant. The bone scans have revealed several 'hot spots' in my right knee and so he definitely wants to do a revision to TKR, and to do it sooner rather than later, so here I am on his waiting list yet again. Oh joy! He said it should only be about a 6...
  17. Coppernob

    Bone scans

    I had a letter from the hospital today asking me to go for bone scans of my knees next Thusday. My surgeon wants these doing before I have my right knee revision, although I have never had them prior to surgery in the past. Has anyone else had them and if so, please can they tell me what to...
  18. Coppernob

    Today's Good Advice

    I met up with a good friend today and a conversation along the following lines took place: Me: I'm really not looking forward to having more surgery after all that happened last time. A: What really helped you then? Me: The Bonesmart forum A: So . . . . . . ? So, here I am feeling...
  19. Coppernob

    I'm back in the system

    Hello again! I saw my surgeon today for my annual check up, and another xray has shown that the need for my RPKR to be changed to a TKR is getting more imminent. I have to see him again in 6 months when a decision will be made on how much longer we can delay the surgery. His parting shot was...
  20. Coppernob

    [MUA] Annual update

    Hi everyone. It's so long since I last posted that I thought it was time for an update. It's now just over 2 years since my last procedure (MUA). Things are still going well and I can do more or less everything that I want to. The thing I regret most is that I can't easily get down on the...

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