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    TKR Just need to Vent

    Standing is an issue! I only do one errand a day with a 15 min time limit. Any shopping, especially now, is done when store opens so I don't have to stand in line! No "browsing" in stores helps! I keep thinking about all the money we save by my lack of impulse shopping! :yes!: I lurk on...
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    TKR 4 weeks post op and need encouragement

    @Kneebe 12 weeks post op, i still get stabbed and the occasional zinger. Now I know that means my knee doesn't like what it is doing. :rotfl: In the early days, I think it is your nerves healing and "testing" the connections. If they could only TALK to each other! :gaah: I am unable to...
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    TKR Total Left Knee Replacement - This hurts!!!!

    Calf cramping/pain first week or so, now at 12 weeks it is quad cramping. I found the first few weeks that what pain I had 2 to 3 days ago was gone then replaced by a different spot of pain. For me, the replacement fix a ton of misalignment issues. I had to learn to walk correctly, which made...
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    TKR Suggestions needed for “tight band” feeling

    The MUA was needed in my case. I actually had a visible divot, that I think was an extra stitch, where my motion was blocked. At 8 weeks my flexion was 65. I now can ride the stationary bike forwards AND backwards. :happydance: I have dumped the cane unless walking really long distances, I...
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    MUA Is my PT rushing my recovery?

    :wow::dancy: WELL DONE I had to do this with multiple PT people. Good for you! Gentle works!
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    TKR Newbie too

    Welcome @Knee1225 Rest, ice&elevate! Take your meds on schedule! Watch crappy TV, play silly computer games to pass the time and move around every hour or so when not sleeping. While you rest, your body is healing. This bonesmart group is awesome with fabulous people, keep us updated on...
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    TKR Suggestions needed for “tight band” feeling

    @Stiff knee NC TKR Sept 13, MUA on Nov 13. Like @Rockgirl4 , I get more out of my knee if I do exercises in morning and really pay attention so I don't stand to much! When I do that I pay for it! Going back to work on Friday, so I "get" to wake up to alarm to figure out a morning routine...
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    TKR Suggestions needed for “tight band” feeling

    My knee starts the day stiff and I walk like a robot, then as I do my exercises, bike 5 mins all interspersed with morning routine, I suddenly walk better, tightness is gone! Then as the day progressed it comes back. Time to elevate (at a minimum) and ice. I treat it as my knee says time to...
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    TKR Sky Blue's recovery - both TKRs

    You sound like me! I was reviewing my first month post op medication and pain log today. I was curious about the entire process of healing! My experience was and still is, what hurt 3 days ago won't hurt today and today's new pain won't hurt in a couple of days. Also, the drugs that works...
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    PKR My Drama Queen Patellofemoral Knee

    :happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4: Maybe it should say Happy New Knee? Glad to hear @Jockette things continue to improve!
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    MUA Week 3 running late

    I never did watch anymore than an animation pre-op!:yikes: I will have to remind them two procedures, coming back to work within 4 weeks of the MUA should be macho enough....otherwise...they can stick it! Ha!
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    MUA Week 3 running late

    Losing my mojo. Going back to work next Friday, ugh. Still can't sleep well, which is scaring me because without it, my brain doesn't function and my temper control goes out the window. Most of my colleagues are significantly younger and made many comment pre-op regarding return in 4 to 6...
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    TKR Difficulty straightening leg while walking

    Ok, I am the one in the guest room! Tried to sleep with hubby last night and to uncomfortable to move around, but knee was cranky all day. Both @jessi'snujoint @Sara61 I can totally relate to move move move even at night! No weight loss or gain mainly because hubby can cook! I did more...
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    MUA Week 3 running late

    That's what this forum is about @Helizabug! We learn from each other the important thing, we are not alone! You are in early days, Please ice and elevate and stay on med schedule!
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    TKR Difficulty straightening leg while walking

    I am 11 weeks and if I stay in any one position to long (the knee knows). The next step is like I never had the TKR! The knee has taught me to MOVE IT. Standing seems to be the biggest issue, I always move the knee and Do a straight leg stretch before I get up, which helps. I am still...
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    TKR 10 Days After Surgery Back Flaring

    I am 11 weeks post op and still wake up in middle of night. :good-bad: What has helped me is to have a plan for what I will do when I DO wake up. Former U. S. Navy, so I never pass an opportunity to use the restroom, then I either go to family room to read, work on various crafts, or go back...
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    TKR luvcats recovery box

    "AND I WAS FINE..." @luvcats Congratulations! :yes!: Glad you took your cane, was safe and enjoyed yourself! Great proving ground, so to speak for Disney prep.
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    TKR First thread, Tell Me I’m Doing OK!

    @Amymom you ARE working! Working to heal! If driving causes pain, your doc should be aware! I am 9 weeks post op, no way ready to go back to work. I drive local, no freeways, exercise, ice and elevate, PT and try to have lunch with someone once a week. Folding laundry, telling hubby what and...
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    TKR Toni Lee Recovery Thread

    So sorry about the Norco! Same thing with me! Dizzy nausea hallucinations too. But we knew that before the TKR. Check with OS office on Monday. My tramadol did NOT require a paper prescription, but pharmacy would only fill for a week. Same for flexiril. Oxy is a different ballgame for...
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    TKR Toni Lee Recovery Thread

    @tlfiore today is 9 weeks post op with RTKR and needed MUA on Wednesday i wanted to share some of my experiences with you. 1. I have done the fluids for a cat before. I am so glad you figured a way to make it happen. In our house that was a two person job.:catbutterfly: 2. There has been...

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