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  1. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    I did try my bike today. That did not go well. I'm not accustomed to training wheels. My DH said I should have a steering wheel on the bike. It will take some getting used to. I managed about one block. My knee doesn't quite make the bend - almost. Whatever I do has to be completed in the...
  2. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    I'm still not sleeping well, and I'm beginning to feel my mental acuity is suffering. I wake up several times in the night in a lot of pain. I'm applying CBD oil, which is my fallback solution, because T3s do diddly squat. I talked to my GP about the use of the CBD oil and she was fine with it...
  3. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    @FCBayern : Yesterday was a washout. I got next to nothing done and ended up crashing in the afternoon. I actually had a decent night's sleep, which is a rarity, and the soft tissue pains of yesterday have receded or moved onto a different area. I think I'm getting a bit of a mental slump from...
  4. SnowHare

    [TKR] Knee not extending<

    Your physio sounds like a nightmare! We are granted 7 physio visits to use up within 3 months. I went to my first physio at 2 weeks. Still had the staples in. My physiotherapist has been very cautious with exercise. I was the one who started begging for quad exercises. Getting up off a chair is...
  5. SnowHare

    [TKR] 4 months post op and not coping

    I am also at 4 months post op. I cannot imagine going back to work at 7 weeks. I think you are smart to ice and elevate when you get home. I hope you don't have to do much, if any housework. You really, really need to rest, and you probably haven't been getting enough rest since you returned...
  6. SnowHare

    [TKR] Lindylee's recovery thread<

    I hope the medical people can sort out what's going on with your drifting knee. :sad: Sending you thoughts for getting it better.
  7. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    I saw my surgeon. He is, overall, pleased with my progress. I don't have to see him until January. It's weird. When the physiotherapist had me on the exam table, lying down, or sitting up, my extension was 10 - 15. The surgeon put my leg on his lap and gave a gentle push, and my leg almost went...
  8. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    I am to see the surgeon on Thursday. I know he will not be thrilled with my extension. I'm having an up and down time. Mostly, I'm feeling good, except I realize how incredibly weak my muscles are. Just to add to this, the tendonosis in my ankle has resumed with a vengeance. I have been overly...
  9. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    @Lindylee : What kind of dancing do you do? I can't dance yet. I do Scottish Country dance, which entails a lot of whirling around madly, so not doing this anytime soon. Sorry to take awhile to respond. I've been distracted with gazing out the window in the wonder that I can finally walk...
  10. SnowHare

    [TKR] JG's new knee

    I am guessing that time helps. I am at 3.5 months, and I still have trouble sleeping. The last two nights have been an improvement. I think most of it is just finding a comfortable position that is not putting stress on any muscles. The tightness I have is letting up somewhat. My...
  11. SnowHare

    [TKR] Zombies Love to Dance<

    Zommom I'm glad to read that you are doing better. Isn't it strange how it's such and up and down thing we are going through? I have the leg spasmy thing going as well. Sometimes, the other leg twitches a little, as if it's feeling left out. The twitching thing usually just happens in bed, or...
  12. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    @Lindylee : I do want to get off the Dilaudid (Hydromorphone). I'm starting tonight with none. I want to be able to drive, so I can get out and about and doing things without always having to rely on my DH for a ride. I'm feeling rather infantilized now. How are you doing?
  13. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    Today, I had my first walk around the block. Oh, I've walked at Costco, down the halls at the clinic, and so forth, but this was a real walk, without using a shopping cart as a walker. I've waited until most of the snow has melted, as it has been very icy up until yesterday. Now, I just have to...
  14. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    Sometimes it's little and kind comments from people that let you know you are improving. Tonight, the lady next to me at the theatre commented that I seem to be moving better and better every week. I'm not feeling the improvement, but it's nice to hear from a stranger that she notices it.
  15. SnowHare

    [TKR] x2 Knitmama's Recovery Journey

    Recovering at home, alone, can be a lonely thing. My "daughter-in-love" phoned me long distance every two days, and my best friend also called every couple of days. I'm lucky, because I am an introvert, and I can only do with so much interaction with people, so being alone is not too much of a...
  16. SnowHare

    [TKR] Recovering in Canada

    Went to physio the other day. Wonder of wonders. My physiotherapist massaged part of my calf. He said he was barely pushing on it, but it was sooooo painful, but in a good way. Evidently, the muscle is really knotted. The massage made it possible for me to work more on the flexion exercises. I...
  17. SnowHare

    [TKR] FC Bayern's House of Healing<

    @FCBayern : I love your new thread title! And your recovery sounds wonderful. (pressing Envy button)
  18. SnowHare

    [TKR] Snoots recovery thread<

    @snoots : I bought a Lounge Dr from the manufacturer, via amazon. It's really expensive, but I love having it. I arranged for expedited shipping, which was around $80 Cdn, but when the pillow did not arrive for a week, I contacted the manufacturer, and they refunded the shipping. I have spent...
  19. SnowHare

    [TKR] tkr1's recovery thread<

    @tkr1 : I concur with @Lindylee . I have lost the ability to raise my leg on 2 different occasions. I learned that my brain was not making connections with my muscles, or so i was told way back then. This time, it was much easier, partly because I used "assists" to help initially and...
  20. SnowHare

    [TKR] TS’s lopsided recovery'

    @traceys : I'm going to miss you. I have really enjoyed reading your posts here and on other peoples' threads. You have contributed so much. I'm sad that your TKR has not followed the so-called normal trajectory, but then, what is normal? Absence of variation. Some of us have more variation...

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