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  1. ApricotPie

    TKR Apricotpie and his right TKR

    It been nearly four months since my TKR. I just completed a three mile hike that included 400 feet of climbing up and down. My stationary bike seat is now as low as it can go, and the knee really feels the stretch but it will do 360 degrees around. No more need for the ice machine. the...
  2. ApricotPie

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread^

    IMHO some of the worst things you can do are 1. let the PT force your knee to the point of pain, not discomfort but real sharp pain. 2. go back to a regular gym workout. Just stay out of gyms, Even the well intentioned get sucked into ‘no pain no gain’, overworking the joint. 3. comparing...
  3. ApricotPie

    TKR FitGal’s Recovery

    It seems some of these therapists want to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bonesmart is right. there Are good pt people out there. But my guess is that you know enough to do it himself.
  4. ApricotPie

    TKR Apricotpie and his right TKR

    3 months since the RTKR The Doc thinks I can quite PT and regular follow up visit. He still wants me to press a bit more and see if I can add another 5 degrees to my flex. I think I can and will do so as the healing continues. No more PT!!! What will I do with all this extra time on my...
  5. ApricotPie

    TKR Left TKR 9/23/19 My Journey

    Constipation is a problem from the opioids. I bought a big bag of prunes from Costco and had 2 to 3 with every meal. They helped. RTKR July 15, 2019
  6. ApricotPie

    TKR Painful Recovery So Far

    A few random thoughts. It took me about 10 weeks to reach the point where I broke even on the surgery. That is my surgical knee was no longer overall worse that it was the day before surgery. I wish I had 130 degrees of ROM. Yes, your excess weight is a burden to healing. There is no way...
  7. ApricotPie

    TKR FitGal’s Recovery

    At the risk of repeating this story to often, I will tell it again. A friend had a TKR. He was doing fine but his recovery at a few months was slower than he liked. So he went to his gym to ‘strengthen’ his legs and knee. He worked out four to five days a week. No Pain No Gain, right? His...
  8. ApricotPie

    TKR Apricotpie and his right TKR

    9 weeks since the surgery. The therapist thinks I can now move to once every two weeks. I agree. I'm getting to the point where I think I can do all the exercises myself. She adds one or two new ones a week and takes away maybe one. It seems we are focusing on hitting the Doc's...
  9. ApricotPie

    TKR Apricotpie and his right TKR

    <Putting bullet proof Kevlar vest on> I must admit I don't understand this desire to get to working out in the gym within a few weeks or months of a TKR. To each his/her own, but it seems to me it's asking for trouble. An acquaintance of mine had a flex of about 120 degrees after his TKR. He...
  10. ApricotPie

    TKR FitGal’s Recovery

    Good luck.
  11. ApricotPie

    TKR Tykey's second knee replacement

    Yup. First two weeks are the worst. Week three is almost as bad, but hopefully you will be a bit more mobile . Week four starts to point the way towards significant healing. For me it was week 6 before I actually started to 'get my life back'. Just a bit.
  12. ApricotPie

    TKR Apricotpie and his right TKR

    I had a short visit with the Dr. today to check on my incision site which had shown signs of infection. He said it looks good, nice and closed up, and should not need another course of antibiotics. Thankfully, we caught the infection in it's beginning stages. He also said I need to watch it...
  13. ApricotPie

    TKR Pecanpie's recovery thread<

    The world is not made for people much over 5'10". We need higher kitchen counters, higher chairs, and and end to head space stealing sun roofs in cars.
  14. ApricotPie

    TKR Apricotpie and his right TKR

    8 weeks out. Why can’t my knee remember that I was able to do full rotations on my bike yesterday, and pick up where it left off? No. I have to gradually work up to it ever day. RTKR July 15, 2019
  15. ApricotPie

    TKR Pecanpie's recovery thread<

    Yup!. I'm over 6 feet and the therapy table is not quite long enough. Often my feet bump against a wall or something near the table. Good grief! Do they think every body is a short-cake? The need for squats is another thing I wonder about. I was told that they wear out the joint faster...
  16. ApricotPie

    TKR Pecanpie's recovery thread<

    Tightness and swelling are still bothering me. I can't wait for the day I wake up and they are gone. I like your knee treatment. In fact, I think I will have a glass of Prosecco right now.
  17. ApricotPie

    TKR Sondrals’ recovery

    My standard on REALLY doing better is to have a knee that is, overall, significantly better than it was the day before surgery. As of today, about 8 weeks after the surgery, I still can't say that. But, I think I am getting close. It's hard to judge. Somethings are definitely better, like...
  18. ApricotPie

    MUA knee so stiff<<

    I noticed that myself. I have to consciously pull the leg and foot up straight. I can do it. It's just a bit more uncomfortable. I don't use crutches or a cane, but I hang on the the railing just in case. Of course, I have done this for years after it saved my head from being cracked open...
  19. ApricotPie

    TKR Apricotpie and his right TKR

    Eight weeks since my TKR. Overall, I am much better. My pain hot spot is there but the temperature has gone down another notch from Medium-High to Medium-Low. It's still my canary in the coal mine when I exercise the knee. If it acts up I stop immediately. Two things are annoying me at the...
  20. ApricotPie

    TKR IronGirl6’s Recovery<<

    I like you figure 4 stretches and will give it a try. RTKR July 15, 2019

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