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    How to manage when you have no support from family

    Hi Becky Sorry to hear your struggles. You can do this on your own using a very sensible approach. Bonesmart has plenty of info to help. Firstly, read widely using Bonesmart. You need to understand what is needed over some specific times and how you will manage this. Its doable!. Write down...
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    Ambivalence: in Denial or is it Not Time Yet?

    Hi Alice Bone on bone is not going to be comfortable unless new technology can rebuild us without joint replacement. Denial? Sure! We all do it. I went on holiday (jaguar camp in isolated area in Brazil) ignoring my knee pain and it totally collapsed and developed a huge effusion. I then had...
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    Hospital stay

    Hi Sara I wore shorts and wide leg pants in hospital and at home. Nothing fussy all loose. But not so loose as to be a hazard. I came home on crutches on day 3 so I needed to be comfortable and able to negotiate a step up into our van/SUV and up our garden path. Didnt want to scare anyone by...
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    TLKR 10/31....Mixed emotions

    With my first TKR I followed surgical advice and was miserable! Leg was swollen, suture line started to come apart and it was so sore. With knee no 2 I followed bonesmart. Ice, rest, compression and elevation for 2 weeks. I was a couch potato and didnt put any expectations on myself. My recovery...
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    TLKR 10/31....Mixed emotions

    Hi there. Its a weird thing having a joint replacement. I felt like you "do I really need this done, am I imagining it" etc. Even though I couldn't walk! You have a bone on bone assessment no doubt with scans and xrays to support the diagnosis so you do need it. If you delay it doesnt get...
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    Must I go to a facility or have a live-in keeper?

    Well that doesnt sound like my experience. I had a TKR 5 months ago. The first 1-2 weeks are the most challenging. I was home alone all day and I had crutches to walk with for days 3 and 4 post op. Then I dropped to 1 crutch and then a stick by the end of week 1. My husband set up my game ready...
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    When is the right time for knee replacement?

    You have had frequent surgical interventions with a deteriorating quality of life. Personally I think if you have a reputable and skilled surgeon prepared to operate then seize your opportunity. Bone on bone damage and pain is something to avoid. Its horrible. I pretty much ended up with a very...
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    Tomorrow is the day...

    Hugs xxx its the perfect storm. Grieving and dealing with the unknowns of surgery all at once is tough. You did the right thing for your dog, the loving decision. Now is the time to focus on you. It will be fine. Everything will work out. Dont worry about sleeping. You will catch up post op xxx
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    Believe it or not, when surgery is done (and you have recovered and its fabulous ) you will pretty much forget all this happened. Just imagine!!
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    Use of recliner post RTKR surgery

    That's very worrying for you. Im sure you will get some expert advice here sip don't panic. Many PT and surgeons worry abour the surgical knee being bent for too long. If its any help I spent my first few weeks post op on my recliner doing no exercise just resting. I have normal flexion and...
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    Surgery in 10 days

    Thats do weird Im in New Zealand. I was discharged on day 3 without a calf pump in sight! Did have one on the day of surgery otherwise it was get up and get walking! Maybe you are not expected to walk? Re needing 2 people post op. My husband went to work so I was home alone. It was fine. Of...
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    New date for TKR

    Fantastic! Not so long to wait with your worn knee I net you are busy getting everything in place!
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    Return to office job timeline - question and venting!

    Hi. I was back at work at 3weeks post op. I was okay and experience few problems but here they are. 1. Rehabs is harder when you work for all your intentions. 2. Legs swell if not elevated and iced sufficiently. 3. Its major surgery and you will probably be tired which makes you kess efficient...
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    Apprehensive about upcoming bilateral PKRs (Sept 18th)

    Its 3am in NZ Im awake after a hard day yesterday and Im reading your post. Life is a progression. Sooner or later basketball wont be something you do. With knee replacement surgery you will swap the pain and disability for a new horizon of possibilities. I had TKR x2. I wonder if partials...
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    Needing knee surgery overweight

    Hi Sharron. Don't give up Get a plan instead. I don't know what your BMI is but if its a problem the best thing to do is lose weight while you look for a surgeon. I lost 40kg without exercise so I know a few things about losing weight. Its not easy but it can be done. I used a keto diet but I...
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    osteoarthritis unloaders

    Seems to me, the longer we avoid surgery, the longer the pain and disability continues. I was queen of a avoidance. Man I love me new knees. As the song goes...if I could wind back time!!!
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    Removing spacer

    Incontinence is horrible. I went through a stage of it post op. Just couldnt make it to the bathroom. I felt embarrassed and depressed by it. I didn't go the pad route. In the end sorry to be graphic, I used bath mats to mop up little puddles and threw them in the washing machine Disgusting I...
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    Removing spacer

    Hi Im sure you will find support here. Your surgeon must believe any risks you have related to CKD or age are able to be managed. Ask the surgeon and anaesthetist about this. After that make sure you have all the aids and assistance to help you in place. Be positive. Its very safe and...
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    August 23, 2019 LTKR

    Sounds like you have had a challenging time. Its so common to be nervous. I know I was! I have 2TKR but no hip replacement. Knee replacements are challenging for about 2 weeks. When you think about that its nothing compared to the end to pain and disability you are facing. Its 5months since...
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    Checking in! 37.5yr old male 18mos after bad knee became horrible knee

    Rants are ok. We all feel like that no matter the age. I cant understand why there are so many concerns about TKR. And why expecting someone to live a number of years with disability, pain and restrictions on life is ok. One day TKR will not be necessary because there will be successful...

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