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  1. lovetocookandsew

    [TKR] Left TKR 9/23/19 My Journey

    My suggestion is to do little to no exercise for a bit, plus ice and elevate as much as possible, and see if your ROM improves. Doing your ADLs at 3 weeks is plenty. Forcing your knee to do exercises it's not ready for at three weeks can cause more swelling and thus less bending...
  2. lovetocookandsew

    Post good wishes for Jo's knee revision here!

    Welcome back, Josephine! It's so nice to see you back and to know you're doing so well! You have been missed. I agree-it sounds like time for a new computer.
  3. lovetocookandsew

    Hospital stay

    I wore the hospital gowns while in the hospital, and put a second one on with the closure in front like a robe when up and about. I didn't wear the hospital socks because I prefer something between my feet and the floor for safety reasons, so wore snug fitting furry slippers with thick soles...
  4. lovetocookandsew

    [TKR] PT Mentioned the JAS

    Hi, and welcome to Bonesmart! I haven't heard of the device, but maybe others here have and will weigh in. In the meantime, I'm leaving you your own copy of our PO reading-the articles aren't long and I think they're immensely helpful. My favorite was the activity progression guide which helped...
  5. lovetocookandsew

    [REVISION TKR] LindaO’s Revision TKR

    Welcome to the other side and I'm glad all went well. I had a pain ball after my revision, and it was wonderful. Depending on the setting, I had very little to no pain. The only down side to them (at least in my hospital) is that you can only have them for a limited time or a limited number. But...
  6. lovetocookandsew

    [REVISION TKR] Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    I heard back from my OS today, and after multiple messages back and forth I have a little better idea of what's going on. He said, "Scans show bone activity along tibial stem and tip of femur stem. Suggests stems are irritating the inside of the bone". It’s another major surgery to fix the...
  7. lovetocookandsew

    Working from home after TKR?

    Hi, Debbie. I, too, agree with the above advice. Because I can't take any strong pain meds, due to problems with my own body and reactions, after my revision I had a short time (about two weeks total) with alternate pain relief regimes. After that I was blessed to discover I was miraculously...
  8. lovetocookandsew

    [TKR] What now...

    Hi, Sunshine, and welcome to BoneSmart. I'm so sorry you're having all these issues. I'm going to tag @Celle to see if she has any advice for you. Please let us know what your new doctor has to say. In the meantime, although it's been 8 months, I'll leave you your own copy of our recovery...
  9. lovetocookandsew

    [REVISION TKR] Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    My OS has operated on me many times; not only my knee but my ankle and both wrists for carpal tunnel. My ankle is perfect, and my carpal tunnel is gone. He's never pushed or pulled my knee nor does he ever measure my ROM or hold me to some random number. He has me straighten and bend it myself...
  10. lovetocookandsew

    [REVISION TKR] Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    @Txmomgmom3 Nice to hear from you again. I'm not sure that I'll need another surgery-but it seems like a possibility. But until I hear back from my OS with an actual explanation in non-doctor-ese, I won't know. I'm glad I have such a thorough OS also. Have I mentioned I love my OS? :heehee...
  11. lovetocookandsew

    [TKR] Steelergal's Recovery Thread^

    At two months out your knee is still in the early stages of healing in the year long average recovery. Doing a lot of walking and stairs is bound to irritate your knee and it will take some time to settle it back down. Lots of icing, (don't forget the cloth between your skin and the icing...
  12. lovetocookandsew

    [TKR] TKR 07-23 sharp knee pain

    I think we've all been in the ODIC one time or another and learn our lesson (hopefully :heehee:) Lots of icing (don't forget the cloth between your skin and the icing medium), elevating and rest for a bit should soon mitigate the effects of your activity binge.
  13. lovetocookandsew


    Ignore my question about type of surgery I posted in response to you on my thread-now I know as I just read this. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. Best wishes! I am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
  14. lovetocookandsew

    [REVISION TKR] Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    @patsortho I'm sorry to hear you're having so many issues. What exactly are you having done this time? I don't think it's a sign of loosening as it's in the long post areas; but I also don't know if it's normal or not. I am pretty sure the bone isn't remodeling around the posts, but what that...
  15. lovetocookandsew

    [REVISION TKR] Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    @sistersinhim Yes, I still have so much swelling that I can only reach about 90 degrees bend, although my extension is great. It may be a normal report-I have no clue so will wait for an explanation from my OS. I was hoping that with all this weight loss my swelling would reduce, but all I've...
  16. lovetocookandsew

    [REVISION TKR] Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    I had my bone scan, and according to my OS, the result was "Scan is as expected. Increased uptake along tibial stem and tip of femoral stem". I have no clue what that means, and have replied to his message by telling him I don't know what that means. I'm sure he'll get back to me asap with an...
  17. lovetocookandsew

    [TKR] Still using walker

    I'm so sorry your PT hurt you. It really frustrates me when someone who is supposed to be helping patients harms them. I suggest either finding a new therapist, if you decide to continue PT, or at the very least have a strong talk with that PT and facility, laying down the law about your knee...
  18. lovetocookandsew

    [REVISION TKR] Need advice for 6th revision

    I'm so glad you're going to get a new opinion, and from a doctor that our wonderful Jamie recommended to boot! I can't wait to hear what he has to say.
  19. lovetocookandsew

    [TKR] I did it!

    Congratulations on your new knee! Your recovery sounds great-glad to hear it.

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