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  1. _Annie_

    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral knee replacement

    Welcome Eve, One of the moderators will be along before long, to welcome you and get you set up. You are one of the brave ones to do both knees! I had both my knees done this year, but one at a time. The last one about 2 1/2 months ago. I am very happy with my new knees and am well on my way to...
  2. _Annie_

    TKR Post-op questions

    Wow jumpinjohn, your knee looks great! No swelling at all. You probably don’t have that tight feeling that many of us have. What kind of surgery did you have? I had the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery.
  3. _Annie_

    TKR SpaceGirls Road to Recovery Knee #2

    @SpaceGirl - I am doing really well, only icing at night. No pain worthy of mentioning. My cellulitis has cleared up and the infected stitch is scabbing over. Life is good! I had a gal for breakfast today that I met because we both had our knee surgeries on the same day. It’s always fun to...
  4. _Annie_

    TKR SpaceGirls Road to Recovery Knee #2

    @SpaceGirl, I enjoy reading what you are up to, it’s very encouraging. I’m about 7 weeks behind you on knee #2. I thought this last week, I could go longer without icing and elevating. You work in a school! I was excited to read that as I was a school secretary for 16 years. There were some...
  5. _Annie_

    TKR Knee pain

    I feel for you, and am sending you ((hugs)). I know what pain feels like and how it can be seriously depressing. I had a lot of pain with my knees before I had surgery, & not so much after. Hope you will be pain free before long. I couldn’t get comfortable in bed after this last surgery, so...
  6. _Annie_

    Bilateral TKR Oregon Mom's recovery journey

    @Oregon mom , wonder how you are this morning? Don’t be discouraged about decorating for Christmas. You might be surprised how much better you are by December. I don’t think I did any damage to my knee with my 4+miles yesterday. I am at least 1.5 months ahead of you. So don’t be discouraged...
  7. _Annie_

    Bilateral TKR Oregon Mom's recovery journey

    Sorry your knee is acting up, such a bummer. Hope now that you were off it today, it will start feeling better. You are icing, right? I still like to do three 45 minutes of icing per day and I am almost 2 months out. I also ice all night. Today I’m only getting 2 icing sessions done. I was on...
  8. _Annie_

    TKR Jetta's Recovery Diary 2020

    @Jetta, something else I wanted to tell you about the skin sensitivity. I take a pillow and bunch it up down below my feet. That seems to keeps the sheets from bothering me.
  9. _Annie_

    TKR Jetta's Recovery Diary 2020

    @Jetta, I was just wondering if the plastic wrap worked for you, thanks for the update. I had done the plastic wrap before my knee replacements, but didn’t need it after my surgeries. I’m a week ahead of you on my 2nd TKR. I think If you take it easy for a bit, elevate and ice, and I’d also...
  10. _Annie_

    TKR 1.5 years post TKA... Help!

    @anniesnaps - I was told by my in-home PT that my OS fixes other TKR’s that got messed up. I don’t know where you are from, but I am from middle Ohio. I can’t imagine dealing with years and years of knee pain. I had 1 1/2 to 2 years of pain before I had both knees replaced & I thought that...
  11. _Annie_

    Revision TKR Mamie's Recovery Thread

    @Mamie , just saw your pictures now. Thanks for sharing them. That looks like what I am using in PT. I really like that machine. I had bought another machine (kinda like a rowing machine except you don’t sit low) earlier that I want to get back on. So I will see how that machine does before...
  12. _Annie_

    Revision TKR Mamie's Recovery Thread

    Mamie, I would love to see a picture of your recumbent bike. A number of years ago, when I started riding the bike trails, I found a used recumbent bike. I loved riding it & it was so comfortable. But then I got a regular bike and sold my recumbent. I’ve regretted it since.
  13. _Annie_

    TKR Increase of stiffness and back of knee pain<

    @roboknee - yes, I’m a believer in icing at night. Even when I was no longer icing during the day with knee #1, I would ice at night. I’ve been charting how I sleep, comparing it with my steps during the day & whether I am elevating and icing. If I keep it around 6,000 steps or less - along...
  14. _Annie_

    Knee Infection* _Annie_‘s Recovery Thread

    Today I had an appointment with my OS to check out the infections after my TKR on August 11, 2020. He was pleased with my knee on the whole. The Incision and the infected stitch are healing nicely, but the skin infection was redder again today with a few raised spots. He put me back on the...
  15. _Annie_

    TKR Celebrate the little wins

    @babycatcher - you could be allergic to Iodine. I am highly allergic to it, and if I wouldn’t have donated blood several times in the past, where they used iodine to clean my arm, I would likely be miserable now. They were planning to use iodine during my 2nd knee replacement surgery, till...
  16. _Annie_

    TKR June TKR newbie

    I’ve been reading your thread & I feel for you. Constant pain is no fun. Hope you find something that helps soon. My leg feels better, while sleeping, if it is straight also. I was side sleeper until my knees started to hurt in 2018, then I started sleeping on my back with legs straight, even...
  17. _Annie_

    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    Nothing like a furry friend to make you feel better :)
  18. _Annie_

    Knee Infection* Serratia marcescens

    @Clocacola Annie here. I have an infection in a stitch and cellulitis. I was put on an antibiotic (Doxycycline) for a week. I think, and my PT agrees, that I am much improved from last week. I am changing out an antibacterial Silver wound care Pad, daily on top of the stitch then cover with a...
  19. _Annie_

    TKR Increase of stiffness and back of knee pain<

    I will get back to you in several weeks. :) @Mimi26 - someone will be along to help you with that and to help you start your own recovery thread.
  20. _Annie_

    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    Wow DSJ, you’ve really been through it. I hope things will turn around now, and you will fully recover. You didn’t mention your feelings about all this, but I can imagine that this would wear you down. Hang in there.


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