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  1. Peaches0000

    TKR Too early?

    Zusanna, welcome and I will now have to quit complaining that I had to back to work at 6 weeks. It was supposed to be light duty, but that is a fairytale if you have a busy job. It really does hurt your recovery. I admire how much you are doing, but it’s taking its toll on you. I personally...
  2. Peaches0000

    TKR Bikeknit's Recovery Thread

    Bikeknit, I drove at 4 weeks with my Right TKR and 2 weeks with my left ( my crazy 90 yr old uncle took 7 sleeping pills , he thought they were vitamins and I had to rush to his side. He was fine, had a good snooze all day. I just didn’t take pain pills when I knew I would drive. It was easy ,I...
  3. Peaches0000

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    Thanks London Trainer, my husband does have Multiple Myeloma , so I know you understand. I do take it one day at a time, because it literally takes my breath away if I picture my future without him.
  4. Peaches0000

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    London Trainer, you have been so strong with having both knees done and you really have been on your own alot. I am so sorry about your husband passing away. I feel your pain. My husband was in the hospital when I had my 2nd surgery done in May and they misdiagnosed him and he now has terminal...
  5. Peaches0000

    TKR 2 weeks post. Can't raise leg

    Ant69 , You are actually quite normal with your recovery, my knee sounds like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz lately when I walk, I am so sick of this whole recovery that i have quit worrying about my stupid knees. I have accepted that this will go on for a long time , with various unpleasant...
  6. Peaches0000

    TKR Cullycar's Knee Recovery Thread.

    I love Ireland, you have a beautiful place to recover, but the pain of a TKR sux as much there as here, you sound perfectly normal, it is just such a helpless feeling not being able to do the simplest of things , plus being in pain all of the time, even on painkillers, I freaked myself out 1...
  7. Peaches0000

    TKR How Important is Compression Post TKR

    Just wanted to say that after my TKR in January & left TKR , my Family Dr. gave me A scrip for 5 mg of Ambien and it was unbelievable how much 1 pill at night helped. I was careful not to take it near any pain pills.Honestly, they should send people home with that medicine from the hospital. I...
  8. Peaches0000

    TKR Is TKR worth it

    Good luck on Thursday, Lily- I am sure you have done all of the pre-surgery stuff and are ready to go- You are too young to not do it and alter your quality of life In the future by not having the surgery. I had 1 in January and the other in May and I am so happy that I did them. Walked up a...
  9. Peaches0000

    PKR Kiwigal Recovery Thread

    Wow Kiwigal, I love your energy, but you better slow your roll a bit. It is so hard to have to slow down during this long recovery, but every time I overdid it, it put me way back again. I seem to be a slow learner, even after 2 Tkrs, of not overdoing it. if I could turn back the clock, I would...
  10. Peaches0000

    TKR One Year Post Surgery

    Congrats Sara, so glad it all is working out. I really feel for the people on here, who have had a super harsh time. It is a rough surgery for just about everyone and then if you get extra problems, like infections, it is almost unbearably hard. I love reading positive outcomes, like your 1...
  11. Peaches0000

    TKR Knee pain

    So sorry things are still so rough going with your knee & back. I quit PT 2 weeks ago and realize that I only have taken 2 Tylenol a day since I quit. I think you should quit all of the things that you have been doing. Just do some Gentle slides at home, it does help with the stiffness. I...
  12. Peaches0000

    TKR New Knee New Me’s TKR Recovery

    Try not to worry so much, you are still in the early days of your recovery. My extension was terrible for several months. I even bought a metal contraption on Amazon to try to help Straighten it. but it just hurt my upper leg. Even after 30 PT visits, the only thing that helped was taking longer...
  13. Peaches0000

    TKR JeremiahD's Knee Recovery

    It is such a fine line with PT, it is hard to find that balance, of doing to much or not enough. My extension was terrible on both knees, but from just walking around, it got better, but it took around 4 months on my May TKR to finally be normal. Don't be so hard on yourself , your swelling is...
  14. Peaches0000

    TKR 6wks, doing great

    hello np7, I got the boot from Oxy around 4 weeks, then I went to hydrcodone for another 2 weeks, then Tramodol for another 3 weeks- so that’s basically 9 weeks of meds, but only 1-2 a day. My Dr. did not set any goals for me before my second surgery. Thank God, because I would have failed them...
  15. Peaches0000

    TKR 6wks, doing great

    Hi np7, I had my 2 surgeries around 4 months apart- it would have Have been exactly 3 , but it was cancelled because of Covid. I honestly didn’t think I would do it so close together, but my left knee became my anchor knee & quickly got worse- I am really happy now that they are both done so...
  16. Peaches0000

    TKR TKR Setback

    Hi Annelie, I texted my OS Dr. today and after reading your post, ( I called about needing antibiotics for a dental appt this monday, he must totally regret sending me a text during Covid on his cell phone, LOL) because his office did not call them in, and asked him how long he thought my 2...
  17. Peaches0000

    TKR Can't straighten leg or walk eleven weeks post op

    Congratulations , your story made me happy, because you never gave up and have been through so much and you recently got your reward by taking those new steps into your future. Cheers :martini:
  18. Peaches0000

    TKR KMLknee's Second TKR Recovery

    Wow, congratulations, I love to read about wonderful recoveries like yours. You had such a rough time and now there is light at the end of the tunnel. So glad you went through with the 2nd surgery. I am happy I did both of mine , it’s nice to have it behind us, still a long ways to go, but no...
  19. Peaches0000

    TKR Rash near incision

    Nancan, I am so sorry that happened to you, it sounds so painful. PT can be great for you and some experiences can be horrible. I could be wrong ( it has been known to happen-Lol ) but I think your first few weeks of PT must have been responsible for your torn calf muscle , it doesn’t seem like...
  20. Peaches0000

    PKR prkaug2020 recovery

    Sounds pretty normal, I read on here about taking longer strides ( it helps with extension) and after I started doing that for a couple of weeks, I picked up a lot more speed- honestly, I think it’s natures way of keeping us safe, our new knees don’t want us to fall on them and until we can be...


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