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    TKR Zjrogs Recovery Story 2020

    Knee is looking great and very similar to your other one. Have a peaceful night and if not enough sleep, naps are a wonderful thing during recovery.
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    TKR TKR - One day out of surgery up date

    Congratulations on your shiny new knee. I am glad that your pain is under control. Continue with your medicatons on a schedule with lots of icing and elevation. I hope your night is a peaceful one.
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    THR GeeDee's recovery diary

    Hi and Welcome. This forum helped me so much through all my joint replacements and the information here kept me from getting too crazy. Slow and steady mindset with lots of icing and elevation were key to my recoveries. Wishing you a peaceful day. :flwrysmile:
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    THR Femoral nerve damage support?

    You have many things happening in your life and that is stressful and makes it hard to deal with recovery at times. I see you are experiencing improvements so that is all good and very positive. If you are concerned about not having anyone to check in with, you can ask your doctor for a PT...
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    THR Arizona Dreaming Recovery II

    Welcome to the double hippy club. It is so wonderful to get rid of that pre operative hip pain. My back settled down quite quickly after the replacement. Wishing you a peaceful evening.
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    THR LTHR done on 19th Oct

    Just a quick hello to see how you did without the medication. I hope your migraine did not return.
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    THR I'm sure I'm not the first person this has happened to...

    I am sorry you will have to wait for a new date. Keep us posted. Sending positive vibes that nothing serious is wrong. :flwrysmile:
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    THR Very scared

    Hi and :welome:. I am glad you joined us. This forum was a godsend for me for all my replacements and provided much information and support through the recovery process. I am another one that will say that hips are easier than knees and I have had both replaced or should I say all 4. However...
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    THR Do I really need a THR?

    Wishing you a successful surgery and a smooth pain controlled recovery. I hope we see you on the shiny (recovery) side when you are up to posting.:flwrysmile:
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    TKR 1st day

    Congratulations on your shiny new knee. I hope your night will be a peaceful one. :flwrysmile:
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    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    :flwrysmile: :fingersx:
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    TKR Too early?

    Hello and welcome to bonesmart. The short answer is that of course you are doing too much. You already know that and if not you than your knee and your body definitely know that. This is a major surgery with some very major carpentry being done. This all means that our knees and our bodies...
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    Revision TKR Strut graft

    I hope this solves your pain issues and gets you back to enjoying life. :flwrysmile:
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    TKR Op next week

    Congratulations on your shiny new knee. :flwrysmile:
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    TKR SpaceDust's Pre-Op Path

    Hi and welcome. I was 58 when I had my first knee replaced. I was also waiting though it was achey and painful till I took a step wrong and it hurt and would not stop. My world was already shrinking due to the achiness and increased pain with activities and after that it shrank some more...
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    TKR Cococay in pre-op

    For me, the pain pre op was worse because I knew it would not get better. Post op there was pain, swelling and discomfort but I knew it would pass. Between pain medication and elevation and icing it was more tolerable than the pain pre op. Also pre op pain did not seem to diminish with any...
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    THR Posterior right hip replacement May 22,2020

    Hi and welcome. Glad to see you joined us. Lots of information and support here for all stages of recovery.
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    TKR Newbie60's Pre-Op thread

    Wishing you a successful surgery and a smooth pain controlled recovery. I hope we see you on the shiny (recovery) side when you are up to posting.
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    TKR Cococay in pre-op

    Hi and welcome. It will change your life or for me it was bringing me back to my life before the pain and inability to walk without pain took so much away. For me, it also brought back more of my natural personality once that daily pain with movement was gone. So worth it to be able to do...
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    TKR Op next week

    Wishing you a successful surgery and a smooth pain controlled recovery. I hope we see you on the shiny (recovery) side when you are up to posting. :flwrysmile:


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