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    TKR I should have had the TKR 10 years ago

    Not sure if this was pointed at me. It's a good question, I would estimate I'm somewhere between 85 and 90%. I have less pain that I did before, but sometimes after a bike ride it gets sore. Once that stops I'll call it a 100%.
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    TKR Big O’s Recovery Thread

    Wow, I would say that walking daily 3 miles at 5 weeks is an awful lot, but if you can do it, good on you. I might try cutting back the distance or going every other day and seeing if it helps with the pain and swelling you mention.
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    TKR I should have had the TKR 10 years ago

    I'm almost 5 months into my own recovery. I'm not sure I was quite as happy 2 weeks into my recovery as you appear to be, but I do agree I'm very happy to have had mine done. I easily could have done mine 5 years sooner, but I'm glad I didn't push it back anymore,
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    TKR Knee done, what's next?

    Sounds like you are doing well. I had sleep issues as well. I would just give up and go watch a couple of hours of TV or read a book in the middle of the night. After that I could usually nap for a few hours. My knee hated being in one position for too long, so it would get stiff laying on my...
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    TKR 4 months behind me and stretching forward

    I'm not an expert and can't vouch for the numbers, but I've heard some similar statistic. I believe they are talking about the force on your knee as you walk or go up and down stairs. Somehow those forces are magnified as you walk, or god forbid, run! Edit. Did some research, and this seems...
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    TKR Cycling

    Triple Bypass, Covid permitting. https://triplebypass.org/
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    TKR Cycling

    Mine was in the 105 to 110 range. I couldn't have done it if I couldn't raise my seat. You should be able to raise it some and still reach the peddles. I only had the left done, not sure how much the bilateral changes the equation.
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    TKR Cycling

    Hi, I had my surgery on 5/20. I was back on the bike on 6/17, albeit for less than a mile. I had to raise my seat a couple of inches so I could get enough bend in my knee to get the peddles around. And I definitely didn't use my clip in peddles, clipping out was unthinkable. As my knee felt...
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    PKR Not sure what to do

    That is a tough one. I'm far from any kind of expert, just wanted to express my sympathy and my hopes that your recovery improves. I would say the second surgery started your recovery all over again, so I would recommend that being patient will be a virtue. If you really feel like something is...
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    TKR Allin1's left knee TKR

    I've been riding about 3 times a week, usually 45 minutes to an hour. At the time the pain started, I hadn't done a ride for a few days. I think it was the house work! You think I can sell that to my wife?
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    TKR Allin1's left knee TKR

    And here I thought I was on the sunny side of life. My knee is still ok, but I must have over done it, somehow. I really don't think it was the bike riding. It is sore behind the kneecap, of all places. A 3 on my pain scale, enough to irritate me. I will be icing and resting until it feels...
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    TKR Allin1's left knee TKR

    Three month and a few days update. I am happy with my knee replacement. I am certainly already better off than I was pre surgery, and hopefully have room for a little more improvement. I have done some 20 mile bike rides. It gets a little sore after something like that, but the soreness goes...
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    TKR Bikeknit's Recovery Thread

    I wouldn't worry about saying a goodbye. People stop and start therapy all the time, I'm sure he is used to people not coming back for many reasons. I also ride bike and have been using it as my main therapy for my TKR recovery. Sometimes it will get a little sore at the end of the ride, but the...
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    TKR JennyLynne’s Next Chapter

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Since we had our surgeries 8 days apart, I've followed your recovery. Of course I'm no expert, but I'd wait to see what your surgeon says. I personally wouldn't be in a hurry to have a MUA, but that is easy for me to say.
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    TKR Knee #2 Vent

    I had an out patient TKR on 5/20. I think the key to it working was they used a long lasting (72 hours) numbing medicine, whose name I don't recall right now. I don't think I would want to do it without something like that, but it went fine for me. They had me up on a walker probably an hour...
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    TKR Allin1's left knee TKR

    So I'm just past my 11 week recovery mark. My knee is now smaller than it has been in probably 25 years! It is almost as small as my non OA knee. The scar has also really healed nicely. It still is tight at times, but I go long periods of the day without thinking about my knee. I'm not the best...
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    TKR SpaceGirls Road to Recovery Knee #2

    That sounds great. Less pain is always good! I don't have much to offer in way of stretching, but that is next on my agenda. Now that my left knee is fixed, my right hip is hurting. It's done it in the past and was diagnosed as sciatic or possibly a tight piraformis muscle. I did some...
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    TKR Left TKR Oct. 2013, this is really bad

    I will say my pt's didn't ever tell me they expected a certain amount of gain. I really do think the most important thing early on is to reduce the swelling. I'm 10 weeks in and mine still has some swelling but I can see it is better than it was last week.
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    TKR Left TKR Oct. 2013, this is really bad

    Nope, your knee will be the decider of how much motion you get and how fast, and I doubt if it will be 2-3 degrees a day. Especially the last 10 degrees!
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    TKR Knee #2 Vent

    I also did the outpatient TKR. My experience was very good, except I lost my wedding ring. :nah: If my wife had been allowed back with me, I could have just handed it to her, but I dropped it in the bag with my other clothes and I think when I got dressed I was still a little loopy and it got...


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