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  1. pamsknees

    Living life post BTKR

    1st overnight camping trip yesterday & coming home today. Lots of walking & these stairs down to the beach- in the past I would not have been able to go down those. Today, I walked down, did lots of walking around, walked back up , lots more walking around, drove home & no pain!
  2. pamsknees

    Bilateral TKR Pams Mar 16, 2020 bilateral TKR

    Sitting here in surgical waiting area, stomach churning, waiting to go back. See y’all on the other side!
  3. pamsknees

    Bilateral TKR Lounge Doctor?

    I ordered a cheaper version & then saw on someone’s post op thread that it was not recommended as it had the wrong angle.i returned the cheaper one & I have the lounge dr in my amazon cart & have wavered back & forth on buying it. Is it worth the $100? I think I’d only use it in my recliner as I...
  4. pamsknees

    Bilateral TKR Counting down!

    Today was my preop visit- last week was anesthesiologist, blood work, ekg, knee class. It’s getting very real now! Surgeon said expect 2-5 days in the hospital. My son flies in a week from Sun & surgery is Mon. Been riding the exercise bike for months now & am up to 1-1.5 hr/ day. I’ve taken 12...
  5. pamsknees

    Bilateral TKR Got my date for BTKR

    I’m scheduled for Mar 16 - that was the 1st available - he does 2 knee replacements/ week. I’m excited to move forward & scared too. It was interesting - he recommended both at once before I even asked him.
  6. pamsknees

    Bilateral TKR Adjustable bed?

    I will be moving in about a month & am looking at getting a new bed. I was considering an adjustable one. Seems it may be useful during recovery but I’ve never had one so am not sure if it’s worth the extra cost. Do any of you have one & if so was it helpful ?
  7. pamsknees

    Minimally invasive vs regular

    I was speaking with someone who had minimally invasive knee replacement who said recovery was 2 weeks instead of 12 weeks. His surgeon takes no insurance so he paid out of pocket & was reimbursed half by his insurance. Has anyone here had experience with the minimally invasive? 2 week recovery...
  8. pamsknees

    Can riding the stationary bike cause harm presurgery?

    I’m trying to get in the best shape possible before I schedule knee replacement , hopefully in Jan. I’ve increased my time on the stationary bike ( can’t do a regular bike as I takes awhile to get started & I fall over). My appointment with the surgeon is not until the end of Nov. I’ve been bone...
  9. pamsknees

    Knee replacement compared to prolapse surgery

    5 years ago I had surgery for prolapse, spent 5 days in the hospital, home with a Catheter & was exhausted for months. At the same time I was told my knees were bone on bone, but it’s taken me this long to be ready for my body to be cut into again. How similar is the recovery period? I’m hoping...
  10. pamsknees

    Getting ready / appt with surgeon scheduled

    Hi I am Pam & am new to the forum. I’m 62, live in OR & was told 5 yr ago that my knees are bone on bone & it’s time to consider replacement. I’ve had injections a few times & don’t want more of them. It’s having a huge impact on my ability to do what I want- can’t do stairs or hike, but am not...


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