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    TKR Baker’s Cyst

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you get some relief as you continue your recovery. Take care.
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    TKR Baker’s Cyst

    Thanks, I’ll read the article straight away! Appreciate your input.
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    TKR Baker’s Cyst

    Does anyone have experience with a Baker’s Cyst? Is it likely to be “fixed” with TKR? I’ve had one for years and it really inhibits my rom. Hoping it goes away with the surgery.
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    TKR Outpatient pros and cons

    Thank you, friends.
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    TKR Outpatient pros and cons

    Oh, no! Sorry to hear but glad to know you had remained overnight in hospital.
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    TKR Outpatient pros and cons

    Truly appreciate hearing your “real life” experiences. Definitely planning on spending the night.
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    TKR Outpatient pros and cons

    Many thanks to all that took the time to reply—I’ve definitely decided to stay overnight based on your experiences. You’ve provided me greater knowledge of what to expect and I appreciate you all very much!
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    TKR Outpatient pros and cons

    Thanks for the advice! Through my reading up on the surgery, I thought that I may be a candidate for out patient surgery—healthy, no meds, etc. I’m hoping to learn tons more at my April appointment. If the option is there, I don’t want to immediately decide that and regret it later. I really...
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    TKR Outpatient pros and cons

    Hi—Planning LTKR early June, was weighing the possibility of it being out patient surgery. Is it something I should consider, or is it wiser to spend the night and go home next day? Grateful for anyone’s advice, thanks!
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    2020 June Sunbeams - Are you having knee surgery in June?

    Thank you! So happy to have found this forum; my TKR is scheduled for June 2, 2020. I’m very excited and trying to learn as much as I can.


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