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    IT band pain, anyone experiencing?

    I had my first tkr in Jan and the second in March. All is really well for the most part I guess, but my right knee has given me some problems, mostly quad issues which are slowly getting better, but the main thing is the pain from my IT band running on the outside of my right knee. I have...
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    just stopping in to say hi and to complain a bit

    Good morning my friends! Sure have missed you. It has been about a month or so since I was here. It is about 2am now in PA and I am up once again pacing the floor with this weird sensation that keeps me awake every night. Not so much pain as the feeling to stretch so much that I can't relax...
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    if your back hurts, ever try this simple thing?

    Good Morning everyone, I know we all have had back problems at one time or another. This time around I have been pretty lucky, my back hasn't bothered me until tonight. Early evening it just started aching and throbbing, down my leg, you know what I mean. I walked, took pain meds 1 1/2 hours...
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    How do I stop emails from bonesmart?

    Josephine, not always, but a lot of days I get unbelievable amounts of email from this forum. I prefer not to receive the emails as I use my work email and it fills up my mailbox. I just like to come on the forum at will, but do not want things sent to me. What should I do? Thanks so much...
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    Will miss you until next week

    Good Morning Everyone, I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone on this site that has really helped me since I found this forum about 6 weeks ago. I think about you all so much, like old friends. I have a tremendous work load to complete before my surgery on Friday and most likely may...


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