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    Revision TKR revision left knee In June

    I had my revision 7/17/18 so I'm about 14 mos post op now and with your revision done 6/5/18 you are about 15 mos post op. At my 1 year post op appointment, my OS felt that the revision surgery was a success i.e. no swelling, scar completely healed and xray normal. He said "I feel that it's a...
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    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    I forgot to mention that the Naturopath that I went to that prescribed THC for night pain also suggested using TigerBalm Pain Relieving Patches for temporary pain relief. These may help with zingers at night. Hope this helps.
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    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    I had my revision 7/17/18 so very close to yours. According to my OS, my knee is completely healed, no swelling, bone remodeled around prosthesis, however, I have never been without pain/stiffness on the medial side of knee extending midway to calf and thigh. Pain is worse at night and it has...
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    PKR My Drama Queen Patellofemoral Knee

    @Jockette My other knee is bone on bone and because of problems with rt knee replacement/revision I don't want TKR on that knee. HOWEVER, I discovered QUELL, wearable pain relief technology 10/18. I wear it 24/7 except when it needs to be recharged like your smartphone. You can buy it at CVS...
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    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet<

    Just a thought. Since I go to the doctor by myself or even with another person, I ask the physician if he/she minds if I record my visit as I'm sometime so busy taking notes, I may lose something that was said. I tell physician that my auditory skills are weak (which is true at my age) and I've...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    @ Layla, thanks for your concerns and appreciate that you tagged Jaime for some advice. @ Jamie, thanks for your advice. Yes, Gabapentin helps but I still have pain with 1200 mg, 600 in a.m. and 600 in p.m. I have tried midday dose but if I forget to take it, the pain is so bad, I just take it...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    @Layla, Thanks for your reply. I know that Josephine will soon have revision surgery and I wish all the best in her recovery. I had revision rt knee surgery over 13 months ago and I'm still have Nerve pain, which I'm still taking Gabapentin. Neuropathy has also been diagnosed by Pain Management...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    @ Josephine Thank you for your positive thoughts. My OS told me that surgery was a sucess, but that I'm not satisfied???. Like he was offended that I still had sensation of stiffness/pain. I know PT had told me my extension was 0°,but now it is about +4. I think lately the 5 minutes on the...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    @ Jockette . My ROM is over 120, however, when I lie on my stomach which is not too often, just to get this stretch, it is not even 90°. OS doesn't measure it, only PT and chiropractor. My quads are very tight and were before my TKR & revision. I thought when referring to ROM, it is referring to...
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    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    Regarding your statement that you can't enjoy water. Buy a "noodle" for the water. I can't swim, however I "ride" the noodle (put between your legs) and I walk up and back in my pool and do about anything one could do treading water in the deep water. Enjoy the water!
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    @Josephine. Thank you for your reply. The area that is tight on my knee is on the medial side where my scar is and I felt that tightness when I woke up from the revision surgery. OS told me that was normal and as incision will heal, pain/stiffness will decrease. I went to ASTYM THERAPY for 1st 5...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    My other knee is bone on bone and I went in this past Thurs to have the diagnostic for the cooler RF. I get more relief from wearing QUELL (wearable TENS unit) than from the diagnostic so I will not be going for the procedure where they cauterize the genicular nerves around the knee. My OS...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    Hi Cementless, Thanks for your reply. Interesting that your OS said "you are expecting too much out of your revision". That's kind of how I felt , like he did a good job and I'm not satisfied. I've been hurting since my TKR 6/30/16, then my revision 7/17/18 which I was hoping for more. Because...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    @Josephine. I saw my OS yesterday for my one year post op revision surgery visit. I feel tightness on the medial side just above knee extending down to mid-calf . My chiropractor who has been working on my knee recently feels that contractions (combination of psoas and rectus femoris)...
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    TKR Implant loose soon after surgery.

    So sorry you are having these problems. When I was 7 months post op after TKR and still having pain my OS said I think you may have CRPS and spelled out the entire name and told me to go home and look it up!!! This was a prominent OS in San Diego!! I told him to send my x-ray to Pain...
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    Revision TKR My Revision after a Loose Implant

    Cementless, I totally understand how you feel about seeing another OS about your rt knee. I still have pain/stiffness from my rt knee revision surgery done 7/17/18 and I have NO PLANS to have TKR on my left knee which is bone on bone. I do have arthritis and the pain is when I put weight on the...
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    PKR Metal allergy

    Hi Cadbury, I had RTKR 6/30/16 and R revision 7/17/18 because of loose implant. I was never without pain after both surgeries and was told it was nerve pain. I saw a neurologist after TKR who did EMG and same neurologist after the revision. I asked him about NERVE DECOMPRESSION as I saw an...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    Thanks, Mary Since my last posting, I've cut down on exercises and no SILVER SNEAKERS CLASSES. If I hurt, I stop doing something that causes it. I'm elevating/icing every afternoon 3-4 hrs after doing errands. I go to warm water pool at my gym twice weekly and take a chair yoga class weekly...
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    Revision TKR Revision knee surgery - post op 7 months<

    I'm now almost 10 months post op revision rt knee surgery done 7/17/18. I still have stiffness/pain on the medial side of the knee extending to upper calf and also lateral side of knee. Often knee is numb due to Gabapentin and I've tried to titrate down on Gabapentin but can't get below 600mg...
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    TKR Loosening of implant.

    Hi, It's Calgirl again. With my TKR before I discovered that Gabapentin helped with the nerve pain, I applied a LIDOCAINE 4% Pain Relieving Gel-Patch that you can buy at the drug store, no prescription needed. It may get you through until you go on vacation. Good luck.


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