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  1. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    @London Trainer I too have a torn R rotator cuff from a skiing accident 2 1/2 years ago just around the time I developed my knee pains. OS said I would have to wait till I get my knee issues resolved before she would repair it. Needless to say it is going to be awhile before I have it repaired...
  2. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    @London Trainer Looks like you are well on your way to recovery keeping in mind you are not even at the one month mark yet. I'm sure it gets pretty frustrating losing your independence especially since you are normally so active. Remember, each day forward brings you closer to full mobility and...
  3. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Pams Mar 16, 2020 bilateral TKR

    @pamsknees Thanks for the follow up on your progress, it sure gives people like myself hope that we can get back to our active selves again post surgery. I still have a few months at least till I get the call for my bilateral TKR's but I know it will be worth the wait in the end.
  4. DJL1967

    TKR I should have had the TKR 10 years ago

    @Surf&ski Sounds like you and I enjoy much of the same things and have been dealing with knee issues for about the same time. Good to hear that you are doing well so early on in your recovery. I am waiting for a date for BTKR as I was expected to have it done in June but that is now pushed...
  5. DJL1967

    TKR Is TKR worth it

    Good luck tomorrow. After tomorrow you are well on your way to being pain free. Keep us posted with your progress.
  6. DJL1967

    TKR Sept. 21 total knee replacement

    @Freestyle welcome to the forum and congrats on the surgery. I'm still waiting for a date for my bilaterals which will be done in London. I was expecting to have them done this past June but now the earliest date I've been told is between March and June of next year. With Ontario's covid numbers...
  7. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Oregon Mom's recovery journey

    Great to hear that all went well and you are recovering nicely.
  8. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Oregon Mom's bilateral journey

    Best wishes today and in your recovery!
  9. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Pams Mar 16, 2020 bilateral TKR

    Success stories like this gives me hope. I'm still waiting for bilaterals and have been in constant pain for 2 years now. Called the office early last week to see where I am on the list and was told not likely till Mar 2021 at earliest. Covid has really slowed things down here. I certainly hope...
  10. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Mamamoe's Recovery Thread

    Best of luck today! Keep us posted on how things are going.
  11. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Trying to cope with the wait

    Hi Oregon mom. I am in the same boat as I was placed on the list for bilateral's in December with the expectation that I would be scheduled for June. Well, here we are in July and all electives here have been cancelled since March. I don't think I will have surgery now till at least November at...
  12. DJL1967

    Left Knee is Ruined.

    Hi Ant I was diagnosed with severe tricompartmental degeneration of both knees this after many surgeries over the past 30 years for torn ACL's and meniscus. I feel your pain literally as I have been dealing with significant pain over the past 2 years and currently I cannot perform my normal...
  13. DJL1967

    TKR Am i too Young?

    I really hate when surgeons say "your too young" to have replacement surgery. My surgeon said the same thing to me at 51 yrs of age and wanted me to wait till I was at least 57. I had cortisone injections x 2 which only helped for about a month each time. I had Synvisc injection which actually...
  14. DJL1967

    Bilateral PKR Greetings from the other side

    All the best for a speedy successful recovery.
  15. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR Pams Mar 16, 2020 bilateral TKR

    Congrats on the great recovery so far and the recent purchase of your RV. I am certainly looking forward to my bilaterals whenever that will happen and hope I have the success you have had. We own a travel trailer now and have travelled coast to coast across Canada with it. Sure is a great way...
  16. DJL1967

    TKR Knee surgeon Portland or Seattle?

    Well the surgeon mentioned no reason why I couldn't get 25+ years out of them and he wasn't at all concerned about a revision.
  17. DJL1967

    TKR Knee surgeon Portland or Seattle?

    DustyD I was in the same situation as the surgeon that I had been seen ever since my serious ski accident 6 years ago has been telling me " you are too young for a knee replacements". My question to him was "what other option do I have?" his reply " no other option, you need knee replacements!"...
  18. DJL1967

    Bilateral TKR 13 days post-op bilateral TKA

    Awesome recovery so far. So glad everything has went so well so far. Keep up the good work!
  19. DJL1967

    High Tibial Osteotomy LAman's Recovery to play sports again

    Good to hear that you are making steady progress and well on your way to a full recovery. I had hoped to have bilateral HTO's but being a skier my knees were worn both laterally and medially so I was not a candidate. I lived with painful knees for too long and probably should have been assessed...
  20. DJL1967

    TKR TKR. March 19 2020

    HI Nuala I fractured 4 vertebra and my femur from a fall so I understand the pain you must be having on top of your recent TKR. Back and rib fractures are very painful so be patient as it will be a few weeks before you may start to feel some relief. What you need is just more time to heal the...


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