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  1. L.I.T

    TKR Winner winner, chicken dinner! Bionic Liz's new RTKA

    @Spex10 , to answer that, I would have to assume that my physician husband subscribes to real world, rational logic :heehee: I honestly think that more than anything, it's just like any other 'project' in which he gets involved. Something he can read about, do with his hands, and watch a...
  2. L.I.T

    Knee Infection* The girl with the two fake knees

    Keeping all fingers crossed for you!!!!!!
  3. L.I.T

    TKR Winner winner, chicken dinner! Bionic Liz's new RTKA

    Ha ha ha ha ha! @Red's Mom! I admit that had we not found our little pop up toilette by reading the trailer forums, Bill and I had discussed using some sort of padding on a bucket. The home depot orange is a nice touch, too! I told him my main concern was that I didn't think I could squat...
  4. L.I.T

    MUA Festina lente -Hastening slowly

    Excellent, @Spex10 !!!! The decision to have an MUA has to be a difficult one - there is so much 'unknown' in this entire knee recovery process, that it's hard to predict the future. It makes me think of those poor souls who have mastectomies as a preventative effort against breast cancer. If...
  5. L.I.T

    TKR New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Oh my gosh, isn't it wonderful when that achy bone pain starts to leave? I still get a hint of it now, but it no longer is bad enough for me to take a pain pill, or wake (and keep) me up at night anymore! You are right about where I was when the 'grip' started letting up occasionally - very...
  6. L.I.T

    TKR Ten weeks later . . .<<'

    Well, that's what I get for thinking I read 'him' somewhere earlier in this thread! :shrug: Consider me schooled!
  7. L.I.T

    TKR Winner winner, chicken dinner! Bionic Liz's new RTKA

    And for reference (this is just a picture)
  8. L.I.T

    TKR Winner winner, chicken dinner! Bionic Liz's new RTKA

    @jaschembra, You and your friend are angels. I might have been so jealous of the miracle man that I may have accidentally bumped him into the pool :whistle: I'm kind of jealous of your camp toilette (better @Spex10?)... Ours is 'Royal blue' which I suppose works well with a 'throne', but just...
  9. L.I.T

    TKR Ten weeks later . . .<<'

    Me no likey. You just tell Mr Den-teest that if he doesn't git this here tooth issue fixed, we bonesmarties'r gonna have ta have 'words' with him! (trust me - Noone wants to have 'words' with a redneck! :shocked:) Many hugs to you :roseshwr:
  10. L.I.T

    TKR Two New Knees!

    So happy you are doing well! And thank you for the encouraging posts! My husband and I have dual head showers in our bathroom, but I made us get a soaker tub for the guest room - the first time after TKR that I tried to get in the tub was quite amusing... I felt a bit like a shot put thrower -...
  11. L.I.T

    TKR New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    @jaschembra Hope you are feeling better! I don't think I would have done well on the second part of that strength test either! It sounds painful! I probably would have said 'ouch' and accidentally kicked them trying to get my leg away :oyvey: Sounds like (overall) you are doing well! I kind of...
  12. L.I.T

    Knee Infection Finally Finishing Up

    @PegGar16, I've been away, and just now catching up.... You go, girl! That hardware is quite impressive! You've got the Cadillac of knees now :driver: So happy for you, and wishing you ALL the best! Hope to see you here around Zion someday soon! :loveshwr:
  13. L.I.T

    TKR Winner winner, chicken dinner! Bionic Liz's new RTKA

    @Celle, thanks! It is a true miracle he survived, and every once in a while I have a flashback and have to make him promise me he will stick around for a while longer :friends: Oddly, since I'm thumb typing, it took a while to type my update - my swelling has randomly gone down some, and now my...
  14. L.I.T

    TKR Winner winner, chicken dinner! Bionic Liz's new RTKA

    Ha ha ha! @KarriB... Perhaps 'running in place' was a bit over emphatic.... Maybe a short 3 second 'jog in place' would be more accurate. Although, to me, jogging = running = pure H-E-double hockey sticks! Never been much of a runner myself :dead:
  15. L.I.T

    TKR Winner winner, chicken dinner! Bionic Liz's new RTKA

    Hey you guys! I'm finally up for a brief breath of air! Life has been hectic - but mostly in a good and healing way :angel: Hubby is pretty much back to normal now. This is the first week he is back at work (although he did monitor a couple of 1/2 days last week while I ran errands). He's off...
  16. L.I.T

    TKR Ten weeks later . . .<<'

    You have a stomach of steel, @Cratchit !!!! I think I would have passed out by now. Although I would have made sure to get to the dentist's office first, so they could see me do it! Nothing like a little 'emergency' in your office to scare away other patients! :good-bad:
  17. L.I.T

    MUA Festina lente -Hastening slowly

    TKR zumba? Zumberry? Hey, I live in a nicely populated retirement haven....not such a bad idea over here! Glad to see you are doing well, @Spex10 ! Speaking of cats, our 'remedial' one just found a piece of string. She batted it around a bit, and is sitting and staring at it. It's been...
  18. L.I.T

    TKR Mireille's RTKR 4 months

    Hey there, girlfriend!!!! I'm right behind you with my 3 month kneeversary! And about where you are recovery-wise, too! I think there's a bit of freedom from obsession when we end up getting back to the 'grind' of life - we just don't take the time to micro-manage our knee recovery anymore...
  19. L.I.T

    MUA 10 weeks after TKRS and not yet happy

    @BARBRI , I'm so sorry you are still having knee pain. If it's any consolation, I had about 2.5 weeks where I seemed to be improving (swelling, stiffness, pain all seemed to be waning)....then last Wed, out of nowhere, BAM! It all came back, and hasn't gone away since. Although the pain is...
  20. L.I.T

    TKR Winner winner, chicken dinner! Bionic Liz's new RTKA

    She emerges! Hubby is doing relatively well - still on O2, but certainly has not settled himself down! He's been vacuum packing his 'survivalist' rations, playing on the computer, and even baking bread. He's rigged himself a nifty 75 ft oxygen tube so that he can traverse most of the house...


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