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    can changing a tyre do this?

    sciatic nerve problem, going to chriopractor , not much help. could a regular md help? taking ibuprofen helps some , medrol did nothing gave it up after 3 weeks, not quite as bad as it was.
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    can changing a tyre do this?

    I wonder if i can take ibuproffen with the medrol , i should have asked him..
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    can changing a tyre do this?

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    can changing a tyre do this?

    :dogkiss:not getting any better , went to the chiropractor today, he checked it over well put heat and elec stim on it , said he thought it was mussel {sp} muscel have a appointment with the surgeon wed morn. had a load of gravel delivered for rhe driveway today but i could not spred it...
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    can changing a tyre do this?

    thanks Josephine I m not much on posting and sorry if I got in someone elses territory.Nanmac I can relate to your pain if it was anything like mine, I have been on my feet most of the day and do fine but when start to get in the car its tough. I had my left hip thrd and the steering wheel...
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    can changing a tyre do this?

    Re: hip dislocated in my sleep!!! its been going on about a month now ,dont really feel anything in the hip, but when going up a tall step or something with the weight of the leg pulling down it is quite painful in front between my knee and hip if I keep my knee bent it seems to make it a lot...
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    can changing a tyre do this?

    I've been looking on here for someone with a similar problem too mine. Had the THR 18 months ago and did great I thought but I had to change a flat tire on the car and things seemed too have gone south. Now having a lot of pain in the top part of my leg between the hip and knee mainly when I...
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    Milestone-I tied my shoe today

    I tied my shoe 3 days after surgey, than I stood up and used the long handled shoe horn and slipped it on. I was on here about a year ago as tallman, but I changed IP s and lost my handle some how so now I am tallman2. I had my total hip replacement a month ago today and am using a cain part of...
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    have been on medication almost two weeks now [voltare?] no pain at all today after walking about an hour , supposed to take two pills a day but have been taking one because of the possible side effects I read about and one seems too doing pretty well, somewhat puzzled since the os said the hip...
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    Questions about which hip is best

    Good show Josephine I appreciate your efforts and I am across the pond also tallman
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    How Long 'til Normal?

    went to ortho surgeon for the first time after xray s and mri , he wanted to know if I was in much pain? told him after walking a lot, he said my hip was worn out , when the pain was too bad or I got tired of it he would fix it, gave me a prescripition for voltaren 2 times a day , I take it...
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    How Long 'til Normal?

    thanks for the reply , feeling less pain since I started on the vitamins and fish oil it may have something too do with the lubrication, I walked about a mile today and it was staring too hurt some. Do you think I should walk on it much ? or just what I feel like? Do you have an opinion as...
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    How Long 'til Normal?

    first post 64 years old ,start having pain after walking a few hundred yards, I had a pin put in my hip when I was sixteen for a slipping epithises {sp] they took it out about a year later and I have got along fairly well till the last six months when I started having pain. I knew I would have...


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