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  1. Lovestoread

    pre-op knee

    Both of my knees were out-patient and I did just fine! I was so glad to go home. It might not be for everyone, but I wouldn't do it any other way!
  2. Lovestoread

    Do I really need it?

    My first knee was done in late June and I was good to go by the time school started. You should be fine!
  3. Lovestoread

    Glue vs staples

    Oops....So sorry! I meant "stitches" inside, not staples!! I really need to read what I type before I post! Sorry for the confusion.....
  4. Lovestoread

    Glue vs staples

    I had glue with both my knees and thought it was great! Yes, there were stitches "inside," but I thought it was a plus that I could shower right away!
  5. Lovestoread

    Do I really need it?

    I'm a para-educator in a middle school and like you, am on my feet all day. Yes, I had moments where I thought...."hmmm, it's not really so bad." Other times I couldn't stand the pain. Of course once I made the decision to have my knees done, they instantly felt better and I began to...
  6. Lovestoread

    Your suggestion elevated toilet seat, bedside commode or none?

    I found a raised toilet seat with hand-holds invaluable. I hadn't thought about it before, but read about it here. I almost didn't want to stop using it. I had enough "points" from Walgreens to get it almost free. When we remodeled our bathrooms later, we made sure to get the higher seats...
  7. Lovestoread

    TKR Has it really been 4 years??

    It just dawned on me today that this week marks four years since my left TKR. The right one followed six weeks later. I guess I just thought of this today when I looked at the calendar. I no longer give my knees any thought unless I'm down on the floor trying to scrub the shower or tub. I can do...
  8. Lovestoread

    What is too young? and why do they keep saying this?

    Absolutely get a second opinion...or third or fourth...however long it takes you to find someone who doesn't believe this! I was 55 and was told I had to wait 10 years. I cried the whole way home from the doctor's office. I could barely walk, could no longer take the hiking vacations to National...
  9. Lovestoread

    RTKR Might Be Postponed Due To Steroid Shot?

    My back was really hurting after my TKR's and I was hoping to get an injection or dose-pak of prednisone. My back was hurting much worse than my knee! Unfortunately, I was told I would have to wait at least 6 weeks post-surgery.
  10. Lovestoread

    TKR 3 wks TKR nausea

    I went to my doctor about two weeks after surgery. I was sure I had some sort of bug. Turns out I had no appetite from my meds and was hardly eating anything. That in turn, gave me an upset stomach. Once I started eating more, I was fine. Maybe just a piece of toast with your meds or some...
  11. Lovestoread

    Is second guessing normal?

    So many of us here couldn't wait to have the surgery done. As soon as we made the decision and had a date.....miraculously our knees felt better and we thought maybe it wasn't so bad after all. I know for me, the week before surgery when I couldn't take my pain meds made me know for sure that I...
  12. Lovestoread

    Thoughts on antibiotic??

    I just spoke with a nurse at the hospital who told me that the doctor has prescribed in the IV and that there is no need to take the amoxicillin my Ortho wants me to take. I feel better knowing that I'll have something. Thanks for everyone's input. Sent from my iPad using BoneSmart[emoji768]
  13. Lovestoread

    Thoughts on antibiotic??

    I know the use of antibiotics prior to dental procedures is controversial. My dentist says I don't need them, but to do what my surgeon advises. Surgeon says yes. (There have been times I have forgotten and I've been fine). Next week I'm having two cysts removed from my back and since they are...
  14. Lovestoread

    How bad did your knee get?

    If you feel you need to "suck it up" and the pain prevents you from enjoying life, I would say it's time. True, only you can decide, but you know it will not get better on its own....it will only get worse. What are you waiting for? You say you knee already affects your daily life, you are in...
  15. Lovestoread

    Will TKR reduce valgus ?

    I hadn't even noticed my knees becoming bowed until a PT mentioned it to me after meniscus surgery. After that I was quite self-conscious about it. After my TKR's my legs are both very straight! Sent from my iPad using BoneSmart[emoji768]
  16. Lovestoread

    Vacation after TKR

    I took a trip about 8 weeks after my 2nd TKR (which was 6 weeks after the first one). My biggest worry was getting through the airport and getting from the parking lot to the terminal. It was only an hour flight followed by a 2 1/2 hour car ride, but I managed fine. Be sure to have some meds...
  17. Lovestoread

    Mom's bilateral knee replacement fixed for Monday 21st

    Sending good wishes to you and your mom! Sent from my iPad using BoneSmart[emoji768]
  18. Lovestoread

    Ice packs - what is the best way

    I was given an ice machine when I had my first knee done. I used it pretty much day and night. I found it did a great job of minimizing pain. Unfortunately, pain meds don't seem to work well for me, but the ice was wonderful.
  19. Lovestoread

    Ann going to LTKR

    Glad to hear that your mind has been eased a bit. I had an epidural with "happy juice." I don't remember a thing after being told they were putting a tourniquet on my leg. Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room. In the past I had been nauseous from general anesthesia. I was extremely...
  20. Lovestoread

    Is outcome of one knee at a time as good as bilateral

    My knees were done six weeks apart and they both healed beautifully. Seldom do I even give them a thought!


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