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  1. ponymad

    THR [DISLOCATION] ponymad recovery thread

    After having the procedure at 1.30 yesterday, first night was ok, although the spinal block was still working at 1AM. Checked by nurses at 2 and took up the offer of Oramorph. Managed some sleep after that! I've just had the first Physio. Just gentle movements and we will try sitting up at side...
  2. ponymad

    RTHR - Tomorrow 21st Feb and feeling a little apprehensive!

    I wish I had found this site sooner! I am now thinking my expectations for a speedy recovery might be a little off... I have been told I will probably be discharged from hospital by Thursday PM or Friday AM at the latest. I know I have to rest a lot for a few days.... I am planning to work...


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