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  1. Me2


    I've been noticing the donations request to keep BoneSmart here for everyone -- and I must admit my first thought was I can't afford a donation and my little donation of $3 wouldn't really help. Over night I thought about it - like most here, I spend more time thinking at night then sleeping...
  2. Me2

    My Shoulders?!!?

    Even before my hips hurt, my shoulders and neck caused problems. :unsure: But, alas, hips took priority ages ago, got them fixed with beautiful star dust, titanium, and ceramic new parts, and thought I was great. :yes!: Then, the back persisted in its scream for attention. :oyvey: Got some of...
  3. Me2

    Degenerative Disc Disease/Stenosis

    New question supposedly unrelated to my wonderful new hips (or so says hip and back orthopedic docs): My back is killing me -- what words of wisdom do my BoneSmart friends and families have on degenerative disc disease/stenosis? I have MRI scheduled for Tuesday and then appointment with back...
  4. Me2

    Sacroiliac Joint?

    Allrightie: Just went to see pain doctor as information from BoneSmart was leading me to believe that at least the back pain before and after surgery might be from the sacroiliac joint. When I went to see OS for my three month post op check, he too suggested checking that as a cause before we...
  5. Me2

    THR Me2 and Recovery

    I dunno. Surgery was this morning, and I was awake through all but the really good parts. But no pain and beginning to hope that they really did surgery. This is only proof I have so far. Guess I'm really lucky in pain department so far. Now, what to do what to do I'm bored and I'm like a...
  6. Me2

    Parents of Young Children

    I have received so much comfort from Bonesmart - hopefully okay to start this thread to give some comfort to the two young Moms, @Kathy rocc and @younghippie who if I remember correctly are concerned for their young children. I am not sure of their ages but assuming under 10? Child...
  7. Me2

    Sure Fire Cure for Hip Pain!

    Schedule your surgery! I haven’t felt this good in 7 years! Pain went away morning I had appointment with OS of choice when I decided to schedule surgery! Am I going to let this trick me into canceling? No way! I am done with this left hip and ready. Surgeon says only cure for me! I am...
  8. Me2

    Superpath: Worth Travel? A Dr. Haupt?

    Again, new to site, so please forgive: I was just reading "Need advice on THR surgeon" and a number of people mentioned that Superpath was worth traveling. Exactly information I was looking for. I've found surgeon and hospital I'm mostly comfortable with....as someone else said, the right mix...
  9. Me2

    Awake for Surgery?

    Fairly new to BoneSmart, but currently making decision on whether NOW is time to get over it and get surgery done. I've read a couple of the anesthesia thread and noticed several who have been "awake" for surgery. At first, I was so relieved to read general not needed but now really fascinated...

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