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  1. Mrty2019

    TKR Toni Lee Recovery Thread

    I kept the walker next to the bed for safety reasons until this past week. I liked having it nearby to grab onto when first getting out of bed and to steady myself while putting on my slippers.
  2. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Thanks for everyone’s kindness. Am able to knit today. Working on a hat.
  3. Mrty2019

    TKR Pain and stiffness at 12 weeks post op<

    So sorry to hear about your wife.
  4. Mrty2019

    TKR Mmassagee Recovery Thread

    I was at the 4-5 week point when I decided PT was doing more harm to me than good. Won’t repeat all the ways I was tortured, but you can read my account. When I found this site, I quit PT and when I have my other knee done, I will skip it all together. Putting your leg on a coffee table to...
  5. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Thursday it was 6 months since my son died. The Hospice counselor called to check on me the week before. At one point she said she thought I had PTSD due to witnessing everything my son went thru and end of life decisions that we had to make. Keep in mind I could not walk and was in a...
  6. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Thank you for everyone’s support. It helps a lot.
  7. Mrty2019

    TKR Hello everyone

    That PT shocking device was one of the last straws before I quit PT altogether. The only way I got thru it was pretending I was a spy being tortured with tears streaming down my face— I only would give my name, rank, and serial number. My extension was a worry to me also, but I have...
  8. Mrty2019

    TKR Surgery date August 27, 2019

    In hope so! My surgery was one day before yours and I have been crossing me legs for some time now, but not for long stretches of time.
  9. Mrty2019

    TKR Total Left Knee Replacement

    I think it was about 6 weeks for me too. The pillow between my knees never felt right. Suddenly I could sleep on my side again.
  10. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    My knee was a sudden blowout this summer so I think my legs are strong. I occasionally catch myself taking steps the normal way. I think I will just not worry about it and let it happen like you said, thx
  11. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Monday will be 12 weeks PO. I am still doing steps one at a time. When and how will I know I can trust taking stairs the normal way? Thx
  12. Mrty2019

    TKR Toni Lee Recovery Thread

    “Hopefully, had my second-to-last, home-based PT today. This PT stuff REALLY has me in a twist. The emphasis placed on PT throughout this process has been insane. At times I feel if I do not do everything to par and if I do not follow PTs advice to the "T" no matter, I'll never walk...
  13. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Yes I have have friends and my sister and that helps. Thx
  14. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    I wonder if the grief and surgery is my excuse to just wallow. I am usually busy and active with things, but just don’t feel like engaging right now. Thanks for your thoughts.
  15. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Maybe the grief explains why I can’t seem to want to read or knit or quilt. Just can’t stick with anything right now.
  16. Mrty2019

    TKR luvcats recovery box

    @luvcats It is an icing and knitting day for me too plus it is supposed to snow. Perfect!
  17. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Laundry baskets are the worst. I drag them when I have to or just carry a few clothes at a time. Thanks.
  18. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Can someone please change the title of my post to “Recovering Nicely”. I know some have good PT experiences and some of mine was. I was upset when I chose that title. Tomorrow is 11 weeks PO and my new joint feels more like it is part of me and I am getting back to my pre-injury and TKR...
  19. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    Thanks for understanding my concern.
  20. Mrty2019

    TKR Recovering nicely

    I am positive my surgeon wouldn’t replace my knee before needed nor would I allow it. After spending months in a wheelchair due to my sudden right knee blowout, I can’t help being concerned my other knee will follow.

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