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    The unlucky 5-10%

    Though it is still early for you and things will probably calm down in time there is one other reason for what you are feeling and that regards the soft tissue, ligaments and tendons are the source of the pain and stiffness. After about a year, I also started having the stiffness, some trouble...
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    DePuy Orthopedics/Johnson & Johnson Hip Impant Recall

    Hi Folks Saw this article today that might be of interest to the hippies. Don't panic, just check with your OS http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/27/business/27hip.html?_r=1&adxnnl=1&ref=health&adxnnlx=1282870836-fPInn3gJXWCxCJDet7Pr1w Simon
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    old scars and new scars

    I sure had that problem given between the knees I had 8 surgeries. My OS big concern with old scars is healing due to the fact that the blood supply can be compromised. He did have to cross one old 1 and things went find, in fact that spot is one of the few areas that did not keloid. They...
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    Two Years Out

    Thanks guys. Barb, I use heat as that feels better but I always ice afterwards to prevent more swelling. Kelly, Jamie I have used several NSAIDS including Voltaren Gel but none do any better than aspirin and some are even worse. Due to high blood pressure and a rotten family history of...
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    TKR Trouble

    GKnee File this away. If you find yourself on the floor the easiest way to get up is to roll over onto your stomach, then push up with your hands (like push up) but walk your hands back towards your knees -- so you look like an upside down v / \. This does not require any knee bend and I...
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    New Twist To Six Month Progress Report

    Joe P You are not alone with the inflammation, that has been a big problem for me. Simon
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    Two Years Out

    Well, it has been a little over 2 years since my BTKR and thought I would give you a little update. Recovery has been pretty good though still have some pain, especially with the rain! but I am satisfied. Unlike many of that have posted at 1, 2 year post, the ROM has gone backwards but I...
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    Survey: Did you increase ROM after 3-months?

    Well I am probably the odd one out. After 7 months of PT and alot of working out at home, I did get to 120 on the left and about 116 on the right (the problem one). I thought this was great because I really had not bent the knees in about 20 years and the ROM before surgery was in the low...
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    NY Times article -- Getting a New Knee or Hip

    Here is an article from the New York Times about hip/knee replacement. The title is Getting a New Knee or Hip? Do It Right The First Time. A lot of the information is a repeat of what you can find on BoneSmart but there are a couple of interesting items: one about joint replacement...
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    NY Times Article -- Gettin A New Knee/Hip

    Here is an article from the New York Times about hip/knee replacement. The title is Getting a New Knee or Hip? Do It Right The First Time. A lot of the information is a repeat of what you can find on BoneSmart but there are a couple of interesting items: one about joint replacement...
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    I took Lorazepam for a week as I was not sleeping well after 6 weeks and it worked great and I had no side effects but then I took it at night. SImon
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    Searching for the Physical Therapist

    Yes, I investigated the PT's. I had plenty experience with poor PTs so I knew what I was looking for. Not much choice in a small town but I was willing to travel. The choice was the hospital associated outpatient PT clinic or a much smaller private physical therapist office. I went with the...
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    Knee rehab at 8 weeks

    I put a regular bed pillow on the bike seat and that works just fine. Simon
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    Running After knee Replacement

    Big Red Maybe I can help you in the fear category. I also have patella-femoral syndrome and started having problems around 14 with those subluxations, rarely did it goes as far as dislocations. Being a tomboy, I just kept on running, playing volleyball (including USVBA which is competitive...
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    Running After knee Replacement

    Here is a link to a summary of a research study showing that knee replacements not harmed by most sports. http://www.arthritistoday.org/news/knee-arthroplasty-replacement-sports047.php Simon
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    What if my OS's office is 90 miles from me

    My OS is 130 miles away and this is Vermont so 1/2 that trip is on state highways which really means local roads. I had a friend drive me down the night before and I stayed at motel close to the hospital. I did my PT with a local physical therapist and I used my local PCP for pain management...
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    Bilaterals & Rehab Facilities

    I was in the hospital for 4 days and then transferred upstairs to rehab. I was there 10 days but my knees were a real mess and I had a small fracture. I went through 2 roommates (both were about 15 years older than me) and they went home in 4 days and the other in 5 days. It did help alot and...
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    Try Miralax (1 dose every day) plus psyllium (that is what is in Metamucil) you can get it at a food coop or health food store. It is a little better than Metamucil as it doesn't have extra stuff in it. Miralax works by drawing water into the bowels. I have a problem due to some meds and this...
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    5 month struggle

    Dadmo I think the longer you have had problems the longer and harder the recovery is. I started having problems in high school and had 9 surgeries during my 20's and 30's so my knees were past shot by the time I was in my 30's. I waited and waited to replace them which I did 2 years ago which...
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    What to do for pain right before surgery?

    I was taking 12 aspirin a day and had to stop them the week before. I used heat and ice for some relief. Fortunately over the years I developed a very high pain tolerance which helped. Try not to think about it and take one day at a time. You can also try an old standby for me, buy a pint of...


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