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  1. J

    Hey all

    Thank you all so much i love each andeveryone of you .All of you are such wonderfull people ,i figure i get enough prayers a goin we just may see our miracle indeed my heart is full of my savior jesus christ for sure i have so much faith in him no matter what path he chooses,Janice is the type...
  2. J

    Hey all

    Hi everyone man its been so long since i have been on ,well its been a little over 4months now and my knee is doing very good still have some stiffness at times but not doing to bad .I sure hope all of you are doing fine .We got some bad news about a month ago my sis was diagnosed with...
  3. J

    Official New Member Of Tkr Club, Finally

    All i have to say is God Bless you Rowdy and huggggggggggggggs to you glad your back like doug said cuddle that pup and rest ........ JIM :O)
  4. J

    Close to 4 months & discouraged!

    im a lil over 3 months and not real happy either i can sit 5 mins and get so stiff and it really hurts when i go to get up ,i also notice alot of pain on the outside of my knee when i go to walk or stand on it ,im in aqua therapy for my back and MAN o MAN my knee is giving me fits in the water i...
  5. J

    Finally off the dope

    7 days and still off the percs !!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAA finally got some good sleep last night over 7 hrs first in ages !!!!!! yall take care JIM :O) ~
  6. J

    slowly but surely - improving

    Hey char sounds like your giving it your all ,thats good !It will get better as you go along yes if you have a walker and feel the need for it most definatley use it thats what its for ,mine sure came in handy for sure .My doc didnt have me on a CPM said he wanted me to do the work and i feel it...
  7. J

    The bumpy road of recovery

    HAPPY Birthday Sue ill be 54 on the 13th .hummmmmmm i cant remember 39 LOL LOL oh to bee 39 again LOL ......... Hang in therte Steve i know what your going through im 9 weeks out and just got off the meds thank the lord wish you the best Steve take care ...................... JIM
  8. J

    Finally off the dope

    CONGRATS !!!!!!!! Doug im sure glad your off em and i hope you have NO withdrawls awesome hearing your doig great !!! have fun ........... JIM
  9. J

    Going on Hunting Trip Saturday

    i say we need to see skeet all dressed in her huntin garb !!!!!!! :O) JIM
  10. J

    happy moms day

    i aint a mother but LOL mine are 38,35,34 .. girl,boy ,girl
  11. J

    New drug

    Jen dont start on percs not worth the withdrawls right now i havent slept in 26 hrs form these weird sensations im having in my legs and body when i lay down so please reconsider the percs . JIM
  12. J

    pain meds

    Jen i did hon i took a half one on sat decided no more than i had and couldnt get anymore i would just quit them once and for all .But i do know this i will have to be in real bad shape before i would consider taking percocet again.This is the first time in my 54 yrs i have exsperienced anything...
  13. J

    I Knealt for Communion!!

    WAY TO GO Patti !!!!!!! awesome the good lord was a watching and helped you out proud of ya ((((((((((((((((((HUGGS))))))))))))))))) JIM
  14. J

    happy moms day

    Just wishing all you ladies that are MOMS happy mothers day and great big hugggggggggggggggggggggssssss ............... JIM
  15. J

    Going on Hunting Trip Saturday

    hey skeet wishing you all the best .........JIM
  16. J

    pain meds

    Thanks to you all i do appreciate each and everyone of you for real ,as you can see its another miserable night here 2:20 am and i cant sleep tp save my self these hebbie geebies are horrible really bad tonight .When i laydown it seems to worsen ,my doc told me to gradually go off the percocets...
  17. J

    pain meds

    Sorry havent been on last few days doc cut me off my pain meds let me say this ,it has been a hrrible experience im having real bad with drawls from the percocets ,and well have been hurting to ,tylenol does nothing !!! night time has been the worst very very hard to sleep .If anyone has any...
  18. J

    Round Two

    You are in my prayers ,wish you the best !! JIM
  19. J

    New drug

    Thats what i wanted them for also Jen just for bad days like today here it is rainy and stormy and man o man im sure hurtin ,maybe ill approch him with that thought of just when i need them ........ JIM
  20. J

    New drug

    How long did you all get to take the percs my doc shut me off after 2 months said didnt want me to get addicted in which i thanked him for looking out for me but MAN o MAN i sure dont have any relife i thought i was doing well till i got off the perks and WOW pain is here i tried vicodin it did...


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