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  1. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    Had my knee replacement this morning (edit to yesterday morning since I fell asleep before I could post this) and am feeling much better than I thought I would be at this point. Suegeon, Nurses and the anesthesiologist were all proactive regarding both pain control and nausea. This is the first...
  2. CaliGirl

    Frustrating day

    I just need to vent to some people who will understand my frustration. Yesterday at my pre op, the surgeon's patient coordinator handed me a printout with the medical equipment the surgeon wanted me to get, along with the brochure of a medical supply company. I checked and the medical supply...
  3. CaliGirl

    My TKR is Authorized

    Things are progressing, and one more thing is checked off my worry list. I got a call from the surgeon's office that the insurance company authorized the surgery. I was a bit worried since the surgeon said he'd seen some denials for people for being "too young." I was wrong about not having a...
  4. CaliGirl

    Barometric pressure changes and TKR?

    Here in Los Angeles, the weather is changing rapidly from sunny and hot to rainy - in other words, the barometer is dropping like a rock - and boy are my knees letting me know! :oyvey: Do you still experience joint pain with barometric pressure changes after TKR?
  5. CaliGirl

    How soon after TKR surgery can you go swimming?

    I really am a water baby, and since here in Los Angeles I can pretty much count on late May and Early June being swimming weather, I was wondering if I'm being too ambitious. I'm having my surgery May 2. I'm hoping by the the 4 week mark that I'll be able to drive to my Mom's and go swimming...
  6. CaliGirl

    Surgery and Vitamin D

    My pre-op instructions said to stop taking vitamins and herbal remedies 2 weeks prior to my TKR surgery. A few weeks ago my lab results showed I was quite seriously vitamin D insufficient, and my GP put me on 50000 IUs of Vitamin D, which I take once a week for a couple of months. (This is not...
  7. CaliGirl

    What Clothes to Bring?

    I got my general pre-op instructions from my surgeon's office (which are so generic they should be entitled "Having Surgery for Dummies"). I do have a pre-op appointment 7 days before my 5/2/16 surgery, so I know they will go into a lot more detail then, but in the meantime I'm just obsessing...
  8. CaliGirl

    Newbie with lots of questions

    Hi. I'm a very nearly 49 year old, who is probably going to have LTKR in mid to late March. 15 years ago I had a surgery for a torn meniscus. The OS back then told me I needed knee replacement surgery, but that I was too young and too heavy. He said I should wait until I was at least 65, and...


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