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  1. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    Will do Thanks
  2. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    That is good advice Thank You I have been gently pushing it down I am not far off from 0 I am afraid I will have a limb. It has been 2 month which is still early in recovery. I am going to try long strides.
  3. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    I am trying to get my knee to lay flat never know if to wait or work on it. :shrug:
  4. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    I am almost 7 wks post op the pain in the back of my knee is the problem this time around. I am working with PT stretching and tightening the the thigh muscles. Beside excercises when I'm sitting I put my heel on otterman and stretch while tightening my thighs muscle count to ten If it hurts I...
  5. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    It has been 6 wks with my 2nd TKR I still have fluid in my joint and very tight in the back of my knee. I have been icing and doing stretching excercises and bending the knee I have more pain then I did in the first knee. My xray looked good but it did say joint effusion may be present I think...
  6. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    It has been 6 weeks since TKR and my knee looks good and feels better still getting pain behind the knee. I going out for PT now and we are working on stretching the back of the knee and of course bending. I am still icing especially after in home exercise. I will be driving myself to PT next...
  7. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    It will be 3 weeks tomorrow and my knee is still swollen. I'm walking with a cane during the day my PT feels I'm doing good. I think cabin fever is getting me down I'm getting anxious I want it to be over soon I'm icing and elevating doing some knee bends and leg lifts but the kne is still...
  8. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    Now I seem to be going through bone aching stage. Aching going down to my ankle I'm in my third week so next week I'll be checking that stage off. It feels good that the time is flying and I'll be over it all. I have been walking with my cane and walking the stairs with my PT. I'm trying not to...
  9. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    I didn't realize I started two recovery threads. I was concerned about bruising but I can see now it is a part of healing and I need to relax it will heal in due time. I had the staples out yesterday and it feels better already. I'm still wearing the compression sock which gets uncomfortable at...
  10. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    Well looking at the pictures of some of the bruising that can happen may doesn't look bad.
  11. linney619

    Knee Scars - Post Your Badges of Honor Here! NO CHIT-CHAT please

    This is two weeks after surgery more Bruising then first knee.
  12. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    This my second TKR my first one I didn't have as much bruising around the incision. My visiting nurse thinks it looks good they see a lot worse. Has anyone had more bruising and how long did it take to fade. My staples were taken out yesterday feels much better. And I had different Doctors for...
  13. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    PT just left everything is ahead of schedule my knee is bending well. I know the first week is always the hardest time flies I'll be going to the gym before I know it.:spin:
  14. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    Everything went well I came home the next day I had my nest all set up ahead of time. The first night home was a little rough I was loaded with fluid from the hospital to keep me hydrated well it came out the first night home. :heehee: the nurse came in Fri. The incision looked good And the PT...
  15. linney619

    Going in for TKR in morning!

    Well the time is here tomorrow @ 10:30am I will be having my 2nd replacement. It's been 2 1/2 yrs since the first one. I am surprisingly calm I want yo get on the other side in a hurry.:loveshwr: See you all on the other side.
  16. linney619

    New date for TKR

    This Wednesday 9/25 2nd knee I'm getting things ready, pill reminder on my phone I find that it helps taking meds. Setting up my nest little tables next to me for kleenex, phone, tablet etc etc. Extra pillows for under knee the hospital gives me the ice machine that is used on me my husband is...
  17. linney619

    Nervous newbie

    Having my 2nd TKR this wed. 9/25 and I'm starting to get nervous. My first one went well no problems so I'm hoping for the same with this knee. Ice your knee take your meds when told you will be so happy when you can walk again without pain. Read everyone's post and all the info.
  18. linney619

    Were you able to wear shoes home from hospital, or were your feet too swollen?

    I wore sneakers maybe a slip on easy spirit shoe. I believe PT wants closed sneakers or shoe.
  19. linney619

    I Canceled my TKR. Now I'm regretting it!

    When I had my first TKR I had a hard time walking I needed a cane that was in Jan. 2016 I have decided to have my other knee done Sept 25th 2019. This knee isn't as bad as my first knee but the XRays show that the bone on bone was very close so I didn't want to wait too long and let it get real...
  20. linney619

    New date for TKR

    I was going in Oct 9th for my 2nd TKR I got a call today asking if I wanted to have it done Sept. 25th I thought get it over with so I said sure. So my new date is Sept 25 2019.


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