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  1. J

    Hey all

    Hi everyone man its been so long since i have been on ,well its been a little over 4months now and my knee is doing very good still have some stiffness at times but not doing to bad .I sure hope all of you are doing fine .We got some bad news about a month ago my sis was diagnosed with...
  2. J

    happy moms day

    Just wishing all you ladies that are MOMS happy mothers day and great big hugggggggggggggggggggggssssss ............... JIM
  3. J

    Auqa therapy

    Boy i thought regular therapy worked me out let me say doing Aqua you do move more than you think im a hurtin pretty good this morn ,it was my first session im doing it for my back ,and in the mean time the left TKR is gettin a workout and i sure feel it not to sure i like it LOL ...
  4. J

    i tried

    i tired to go without my percocet ddi it for 36 hrs got to where i was hurting pretty good and the hebbie jeebie feelings in my legs i thought i could do with out but i guess its telling me diff :O( JIM
  5. J

    ok ok ok

    Whats your favorite ice cream LOL??????? mine butter pecan ! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy hehehhhheeeeeeeee just having a silly mpment here LOL LOL .. JIM :O)
  6. J

    Just wanted to say

    Just want to say how much i appreciate each and everyone of you in here you have been such a blessing for me ,i have seen the hurts ,the crying ,the humor that we share and the honesty is so refreshing indeed.. so not to get to mushy .......... love ya all and God bless ya`s JIM :O)
  7. J

    just askin

    Hey all im goin on my fith week post op and just wondering if any of the rest of you had pains that shoot out the side of the knee? i mean like when your talking and it happens it makes ya quit talking LOL and i also had what they call inner suters and glued incison but i have what appers to be...
  8. J

    Just a simple hello all

    just a simple hello to ya all hope all is good and everyone smiling .Wasnt to bad a day here in IL sunny and warm 60 degrees made me feel good to get out .Went to PT and it went very good ROM real good so im pleased with that .Only problem im having is my back its worse that my knee at the...
  9. J

    Hello from JB

    Hey all, sorry havent been on last week wasn`t a good week for sure.My percocet wasnt agreeing with me so i had to depend on tyelenol yee haaaaa which was like taking nothing so im sure you all know how that felt LOL..... the thing thats getting to me is the emotional aspect of all this i cry at...
  10. J

    Im Baaaaack !!!!!!!!

    Im back guys can stay on long not feeling the best right now .. well its day 6 and have had a few hood ones and bad ones day after is like wht the HECK !!! did i do ??????? LOL but its getting better each day im hear to say to anyone and everyone that if I can do it anyone can its really not...
  11. J

    Day before ?

    Just curious how everyone coped with the day berfore surgery im a nervous wreck . ANY suggestions??????? JIM


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