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  1. linney619

    TKR Bruising

    Everything went well I came home the next day I had my nest all set up ahead of time. The first night home was a little rough I was loaded with fluid from the hospital to keep me hydrated well it came out the first night home. :heehee: the nurse came in Fri. The incision looked good And the PT...
  2. linney619

    Going in for TKR in morning!

    Well the time is here tomorrow @ 10:30am I will be having my 2nd replacement. It's been 2 1/2 yrs since the first one. I am surprisingly calm I want yo get on the other side in a hurry.:loveshwr: See you all on the other side.
  3. linney619

    New date for TKR

    I was going in Oct 9th for my 2nd TKR I got a call today asking if I wanted to have it done Sept. 25th I thought get it over with so I said sure. So my new date is Sept 25 2019.
  4. linney619

    Second knee Oct 9th

    Here I go again I feel like it is not going to happen until I get pre OP test and getting appt. In order before I go in. My xrays looked bad today I knew by my knee pain that that will not go away that it was going to happen. The thought of having two new knees makes me happy. Recovery doesn't...
  5. linney619

    Maybe round two!

    I had a TKR Jan 20 2016, now my other has been bothering me one day I could hardly walk on it so I panicked and call my Doc. he left the hospital WHAT! so I'm seeing a doc in the same office he has a good reputation. I will know July 16th when he looks at the xrays. I have to look beyond the...
  6. linney619

    TKR On the other side of finally!

    :loveshwr: Yes finally it's over, the surgery went well I'm home looking forward to recovery. The day of the surgery I was was calm I think at that point I was so ready. My surgery was a little earlier than planned so everything went along smoothly. I had a spinal with sedation, I woke up...
  7. linney619


    Tomorrow is the day checking in at 7am and surgery is at 11am. Feeling good. Hope to get back to you all on the other side.
  8. linney619

    Two weeks

    it's coming up fast, Jan. 30th I can't wait to finally get the surgery & hospital part over. Get on the recovery side of things. :bolt:
  9. linney619

    pre op clearance

    I went for my clearance tues. everything seams fine a couple of #S were a little out of range, nothing that will interfere with my TKR. When I read the results of course I freaked out. my PCP called me everything seems fine I'm going to have another blood test after the new year. will Jan...
  10. linney619

    Ice machine

    Has anyone used an ice machine during recovery? A friend had a machine he used when he had his shoulder operated on, he swore by it. It looks like a sm. cooler that water and ice go in it's has a wrap that goes around knee that is connected by a hose then you plug it in. I plan on asking the...
  11. linney619


    I found out today after my TKR surgery in Jan. 20th after two days in hospital I will be going home and nurse and PT will come to me. I think that is a much better Idea my husband is home so I will not be alone. I will be more comfortable at home. my OS office told me unless your alone or you...
  12. linney619

    Preop clearance

    It may be a crazy question but what did you all have for preop clearance test. maybe Ekg, blood, urine?
  13. linney619

    knee replacement product

    My OS uses the Zimmer Persona total knee replacement. has any one heard of that?
  14. linney619


    I'm having a TKR Jan. 20th my doctor will do a spinal for the surgery. It will be the first time has any one had a spinal when with a TKR? GA makes me nauseous and I feel drugged for a few weeks after from the gases. so a spinal sounds interesting to me.


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