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    DePuy Orthopedics/Johnson & Johnson Hip Impant Recall

    Hi Folks Saw this article today that might be of interest to the hippies. Don't panic, just check with your OS http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/27/business/27hip.html?_r=1&adxnnl=1&ref=health&adxnnlx=1282870836-fPInn3gJXWCxCJDet7Pr1w Simon
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    Two Years Out

    Well, it has been a little over 2 years since my BTKR and thought I would give you a little update. Recovery has been pretty good though still have some pain, especially with the rain! but I am satisfied. Unlike many of that have posted at 1, 2 year post, the ROM has gone backwards but I...
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    NY Times article -- Getting a New Knee or Hip

    Here is an article from the New York Times about hip/knee replacement. The title is Getting a New Knee or Hip? Do It Right The First Time. A lot of the information is a repeat of what you can find on BoneSmart but there are a couple of interesting items: one about joint replacement...
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    NY Times Article -- Gettin A New Knee/Hip

    Here is an article from the New York Times about hip/knee replacement. The title is Getting a New Knee or Hip? Do It Right The First Time. A lot of the information is a repeat of what you can find on BoneSmart but there are a couple of interesting items: one about joint replacement...
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    Going Backwards

    Hi Folks Since late spring I was having some problems not so much in the knees but the hamstrings. They have always been a bit on the tight side but were getting so tight it was hurting to walk and if I had been sitting to long, I could not stand up straight when I got up. The right knee...
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    Nurses Reveal What to Watch Out For in the Hospital

    The September 2009 issue of Consumer Report has an article about what to watch out for in the hospital, how to prepare for a hospital visit, how to get better care, whom to call for help (non doctors), discharge and a list of websites on where you can get out your hospital Simon
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    Why implants loosen/fail over time

    Hi Folks I came across a summary of this article (or rather the one published in J Orthop Res but this one is easier to read) which gives a reason why implants tend to loosen over time. According to the summary I read this is why younger people are warned about the need for a replacement in...
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    One Year Check Up

    Hi Folks Well it has been a year and saw the OS the other day. The x-rays are good and he was happy with the bend though he was hoping for a little more. The knees were really swollen so that did not help. I thought I would pass this on for the others -- he said no one gets the same degree...
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    1 Year Anniversary Lunch in Lincoln NH

    Hi Folks Crystal (aka Ship4) and I are going to meet for lunch on Saturday June 13th at noon at the Woodstock Inn Station in Lincoln NH. It is located on Route 3, here is the website for complete directions http://www.woodstockinnnh.com/directions_and_contact_us.php If there are any other...
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    Great Exercise Site

    I just found this site and it has a great list of knee exercises with very detailed descriptions as well as little video for each one to make sure you are doing them correctly. http://www.knee1.com/exercise/index.cfm Simon
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    Final PT Check

    I went back to the PT today for a final check since I finished PT at the end of December (6 months of outpatient PT pt plus a month of inpatient/home PT). I am now 8 months post BTKR and we did get the right one to 120 and the left one to 122. The right one is just a bit short of full...
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    NSAIDS still

    Hi Folks I was wondering how many of you that are 6 months plus postop still find they need NSAIDS. Before the BTKR, I was taking 12 to 14 aspirin a day (they work the best for me). I thought that after 6 months or so I would not need any. I dropped down to 4 or 6 a day then stopped but...
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    Dedicated Dad Worried about you

    DD Haven't heard from you in awhile, are you ok? Simon
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    Duration for dental antibiotics

    There has been some discussions on for how long should you use antibiotics before dental work. I asked my OS about this as in the preop classes they said forever and my dentist goes for a year based on current guidelines. The OS said it really is an issue of risk management. The thinking of...
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    MUA Avoided !!!!

    Well I don't remember this topic coming up. In August it looked like I would be joining many of you with a MUA as the knees were stuck at 104/107 with the left one at 0 extension and the right one at about -4 ot -5 and the numbers had not change much in 3 weeks of PT. Do to some extra risks...
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    Easy To Use Cold Gel Packs

    I was indexing a PT journal (that is what I do for a living) and came across an ad for this product. It is a gel pack that you can freeze or heat in the microwave that fits into a sleeve that will wrap around the knee. Sounds like it good be a good choice if you need to ice at work, in the car...
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    Pushed It Too Hard

    Hi Folks Well I have an OS appointment on November 14th and really want to avoid an MUA so I have been really cranking the knees on my own as I am going to PT only once a week. The left one has been very good at 120-125 ROM and about 0 to -1 extension. This is is even with this very...
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    Trochanteric (hip) Bursitis Exercises

    Hi Folks I posted this at the end of another thread but then thought alot of you who could use it might not see it there. My PT prescribed these due to my hip pain and I found online a site that had the descriptions and pictures which would be easier to use that trying to scan in what I...
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    Able To Entertain, Yeah

    My sister, niece and her boyfriend came up for the long weekend (4 days) and I was able to cook, bake and serve all the meals. I can't even remember the last time I have been able to do that without major pain and not being able to get out of bed the next day. The knees (especially the problem...
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    Getting Closer to the magic number

    Hi Folks BTKR on June 3rd. After being stalled at 104 R/106 left for awhile and the OS on August 4th not real happy (I was as the predications that given the state the knees were in there was a very good chance we would not get much more that what we had preop which was about 92/95 with the...


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