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  1. birdwatchr

    Website that may be helpful.....

    This website may be helpful to all: Looks like someone from here wrote it! [Link removed]
  2. birdwatchr

    Errors in Clinic Locator

    @skigirl Do you know who updates the clinics? There are 2 that are incorrect: Resurgens Douglasville has not been on Timber Ridge in years; and Pinnacle in Douglasville is now OrthoAtlanta. This particular office broke away from Pinnacle. I believe their other office is in Austell.
  3. birdwatchr

    Anyone have TKR due to workman's comp claim?

    I have a co-worker who was injured here at school last April when a student tripped her. She went to the doctor (I told her not to go to him - she could have gone to the one who did my ctr surgery, but chose this one because she could get in earlier), did not really improve over the summer, and...
  4. birdwatchr

    TKR What I did on my summer vacation

    Two words.... Never. Again. Surgery itself, I guess, went all right. They moved me onto a table, and I put my arms down and they kept going. WHOA! They put a table piece under each arm and that is the last I remember. When I was awake, the dr called over that things went well and I had a brand...
  5. birdwatchr

    Right TKR scheduled for May 27th

    Yep, scared after seeing a severely infected one recently.


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